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What Are Air Leaks & How Can I Prevent Them?

In the HVAC industry, air leaks refer to the warm or cold air that leaks in and out of your home, preventing your HVAC system from functioning at maximum energy-efficiency. Air leaks not only make your home far less comfortable, they also waste a lot of money in energy costs. With summer coming up, now is the perfect time to learn more about preventing air leaks and increasing your air conditioner’s efficiency.

Preventing Air Leaks 101: Sealing & Insulation

It’s estimated that as much as 25% of the average home’s heat is lost due to small leaks through cracks and holes. This is because many homes are not properly sealed, allowing heat to escape between openings in doors, windows, and other areas. The flip side to this is that many homes also do not have proper insulation in their attics and walls. In homes that are not properly insulated, air has an easier time making its way in from outside, meaning it’s harder to lock in a comfortably warm temperature in the winter and a pleasantly cool temperature in the summer.

Consider hiring an HVAC service professional if you believe this may be a problem in your home. A well-trained HVAC-technician will be able to perform an inspection of your entire house, and point out areas which require more sealing, or conversely, more insulation. This will not only help reduce air leaks and improve your comfort, it should also drive down your energy bills.

Can I Prevent Air Leaks on My Own?

While it is always a good idea to hire a professional when it comes to HVAC issues, there are several steps you may be able to take on your own in order to find and reduce air leaks. First, light a candle or incense stick, and walk around your home, paying close attention to where air stars to blow the smoke sideways. Check the location for an opening. If you find one, chances are you’ve come across an air leak. You can seal up air leaks through weather stripping, caulking, and spray foam.

You should also pay extra attention to recessed lights, stud cavities, and gaps in chimneys, as these are all notorious areas for air leaks to occur. Look out for spider webs as well, as spiders often make their webs in areas where there is increased airflow. Finally, it’s important to pay attention to your attic, as an attic that is not properly insulation can become a depository for unwanted air, interfering with temperatures in your home year-round.

Preventing air leaks is all about balance. Luckily, our Palm Beach County HVAC pros at Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC provide quality services designed to increase sealing and insulation. From duct insulation to indoor air quality work, our technicians have got the skills and experience needed to help you stay cool this summer and lock in comfortable temperatures year-round.

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