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Why Spring Cleaning Helps Your Indoor Air Quality

Spring is finally upon us. With the weather warming up, many Florida residents are shutting off their heaters and opening up the windows to allow Mother Nature to make their home comfortable again. That also means many people are taking to getting rid of the winter mess and preparing for the rest of the year ahead with annual spring cleaning. Spring cleaning can have a huge benefit for your home—it gives you the opportunity to open up new space, to take care of those tasks you’ve been putting off, and even help improve your life at home.

One such way spring cleaning can improve your life is by drastically improving your indoor air quality. You may not realize it, but the air inside the average home can be as much as 10 times worse than the air outside, and that’s something that concerns many people when they learn of it. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you may be shocked to hear that you may actually be suffering more inside your home than you would be outside.

On this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how spring cleaning improves your indoor air, and a few things you can do during your cleaning that can make breathing easier.

Eliminating Dust

One of the things that tends to accumulate over the winter months is a fairly thick layer of dust on many surfaces of your home. Dust is a fact of life: it’s in the air around us at all times, and over time will land and settle on various surfaces around your home. During winter months, that dust tends to build up quite a bit. Because the doors and windows remain shut to keep the heat in, many people track in dust from the outside that only contributes to the ever-growing concentration in the air and on the surfaces around us.

When you dust your home during spring cleaning, you’re actually removing a bunch of this dust and preventing it from being kicked back up into the air in your home. When dust is disturbed, either by air current or by vibration or contact, it can be released back into the air where it could then hurt your air quality. But by using a dust-trapping cleaning solution, you’ll remove a bunch of this dust and make your air cleaner and healthier to breathe.

Removing Foul Odors

Winter also is a time when household odors can accumulate, build up, and make the air in your home stale and unpleasant. This is often a hard issue to detect since over time our noses become accustomed to odors and smells in our home. To us, the house doesn’t smell like anything because that’s how it always smells. But to your guests or company, your home may be uninviting or downright unpleasant.

Spring cleaning gives you an opportunity to fix that. Opening up the doors and windows to allow fresh air into your home will get rid of a lot of these odors, but you’ll also need to remove them from fabrics in your home. An odor-removing cleaning product can do the job, but you may also want to consider shampooing or washing out your cloth furniture, having your carpets deep-cleaned, and washing your drapes or curtains to help eliminate the odor for good. Sometimes these odors can stick in these decorations, and a good cleaning is the only way to truly get it all out.

Consider a Duct Cleaning Service

Duct cleaning should be an important part of your spring cleaning every two to three years or so. Over time, dust, mold, mildew, and other substances can build up in your ducts and contribute to poor indoor air quality. A duct cleaning service removes all of these substances from your air ducts, which improves your air quality, reduces the stress on your HVAC system, and even makes your home more energy-efficient.

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