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How to Program the Thermostat for Your Summer Trip

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the benefits of programmable thermostats, which allow you to set your temperature preferences around your schedule while reducing heating and cooling costs at the same time. However, most people only set their thermostats based their daily routine. For those going out of town in the next few months, you may be wondering how to program the thermostat for your summer trip.

The typical recommendation for summer thermostat settings is 78 degrees. This is usually an ideal temperature—based on how much more people tend to run their air conditioner during the summer months—for offsetting overall cooling costs. However, you will need to override this setting before you leave for your trip. Luckily, modern programmable thermostats make this very easy to do.

If you are only planning on leaving your house for a weekend or so, it may not be necessary to adjust your thermostat at all. However, anytime you leave home for 4 days or more, it is recommended to adjust your temperature settings. Whatever your usual temperature preferences are, you should consider lowering them by 5-8 degrees when you are going to be gone in the winter and raising them by 5-8 degrees when you are going to be gone in the summer.

Furthermore, you should also see if your programmable thermostat has a “hold” button. This will lock it into a consistent, energy-saving setting the whole time you are away. If you are considering switching to a programmable thermostat in the next few months, try to make sure it is installed away from HVAC registers, appliances, and entries and exits, where it may be affected by outside temperatures. And finally, if your programmable thermostat runs on batteries, make sure you check or change them before you go, as the thing you want to do after a trip is to come back and find your indoor temperature is a mess because your thermostat’s power ran out.

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