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Ghosting: What It Is & How to Prevent It

If you ever heard an HVAC technician talk about “ghosting,” chances are they’re not talking about when you go out with someone and they don’t text you back. That’s because in the HVAC world, ghosting refers to outlines of your ceiling and wall framing left by your HVAC equipment. Keep reading to learn more about what ghosting is and how to prevent it, and make sure to contact our Palm Beach County HVAC experts at Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC for all your heating and cooling service needs.

Ghosting 101

Also known as “thermal tracking,” the phenomenon of ghosting generally occurs in places with a high level of soot or other heat-related particles. For those not familiar, soot is the black smoke residue which can stain everything from your walls to your clothes to your furniture. If you have ever used a wood-burning stove or made a fire in a fireplace, chances are good you’ve had to deal with soot. However, what many do not know is that soot can occur in via your HVAC system if your home is experiencing insulation problems.

When the area underneath your ceiling or walls is poorly insulated, a think lawyer of condensation tends to form. These cooler areas draw in particles which cling to the framing of your walls and ceiling, i.e. soot. Overtime these stains become more prominent, leaving a kind of outline—hence, ghosting.

How to Avoid Ghosting in Your Home

While you can always repaint or re-plaster your walls if they have been affected by ghosting, this won’t actually stop it from happening. The better solution is to address the root cause of the problem.

To start with, you’ll want to have your HVAC system inspected, to see if it is releasing an excessive amount of soot or other particles into the air. From there, you may want clean your registers and replace your air filters, to ensure your indoor air quality remains strong. You may also want to have your ducts cleaned, especially if you have never done this before. Your ducts carry air throughout your house, and if they are dusty or duty, you are pretty much guaranteeing your air quality will be worse. You may want to install a new heater as well, if your current one is old and prone to emitting soot.

Finally, if ghosting continues to be an issue for you, call a professional to look at your home’s insulation. Luckily, our West Palm Beach HVAC pros provide insulation services designed to make sure the heating levels throughout your home are properly balanced. You shouldn’t have to choose between maximum comfort and clean walls and ceilings. Call Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC, and let us get rid of your ghosts.

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