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Three Sigs of a Good HVAC Contractor

When your air conditioner breaks down, you want to get it fixed. That means you’ll need a professional Palm Beach County air conditioning repair expert. However, you have a lot of choices; how do you know which one is right? It’s true that not all HVAC service companies are created equal—there are those who are unquestionably reliable and genuinely want to do an honest business while helping you. However, there are those who simply want your money, and they could care less about the quality of the work they do, or even about your home.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen and heard from far too many people who have been burned by the latter group, and that’s the last thing we want to have to deal with. Nobody deserves to be taken advantage of, and they do damage to the reputations of those of us who really do want to do right by our customers. That’s why we’re here to help. If you’re in need of an HVAC contractor, we strongly recommend you get an in-person estimate from them before they start their work. When receiving that estimate, feel free to ask questions. This will tell you everything you need to know.

Here are three signs of a trustworthy, high-quality contractor you can depend on to fix your air conditioner properly.

They Are Licensed

First, a good contractor will have obtained all of the proper certifications in order to obtain a license to practice their trade from the appropriate authority. In Florida, the regulating authority for air conditioning contractors is the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. A good contractor will have a license number, and they’ll be able to give it to you straight away for you to look up and verify. In fact, many will have it on their business cards or located in a prominent spot on their website, so you can look it up without delay. They want you to be assured that they’ve received their professional license, and are a legitimate business.

Ask your contractor if they’re licensed. They will almost always say yes. However, a good contractor can give you the license number straightaway. You should immediately be skeptical of a contractor who says they don’t know their license number or they would have to look it up and give it to you later. That may be true, but it’s fairly easy to look up someone else’s number and pass it off as your own.

They Are Bonded

Second, they’ll be bonded, which means they have purchased a surety bond. A bond is a type of insurance which protects you as a homeowner in the event that the contractor makes a mistake and accidentally causes damage to your home. Obviously your contractor doesn’t think they’re going to make a mistake, but nobody thinks they’re going to get into a car accident on the morning of the day when one of those happens either.

These things can happen without warning, and a good contractor will be prepared for it if it does. Using this bond, they can pay for the liability they may sustain by accidentally causing the damage to your home, and thus get everything fixed and back to normal. Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor if they are bonded. They’ll happily tell you if they are, and even tell you who issued the bond that protects them and you.

They Are Insured

A good contractor will not just be bonded, but they’ll be insured to protect you as well. Insurance in this instance doesn’t protect your home, but your liability. When you invite a contractor onto your premises to work on your property, the law states you owe them a certain duty of care to protect them from harm and injury. However, you don’t necessarily know what’s going on with your air conditioner, and your contractor doesn’t either. They’re trained to look out for hazards that may cause them harm, but accidents happen. And what’s worse, if one does, you the homeowner are liable for it because it happened on your property if your contractor doesn’t have insurance.

This is why any honest contractor carries insurance: to protect you, and to protect their people. With this insurance, they can make sure that their employee receives the medical treatment and care they need straight away. It also ensures that you aren’t held liable for the injury in the event of an accident, even though it happened on your property. Any good HVAC contractor should carry this coverage, as their employees will be working in tight spaces, on ladders, carrying heavy loads, and possibly even around high voltage.

Ask your contractor if they’re insured. If they are, then you can trust that you’re in good hands. If they say they aren’t, or if they are somewhat hesitant to answer, do not hire them.

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