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What's Included in a Tune-Up Service?

Any Floridian knows just how brutal our summers can be. Warm temperatures, sweltering humidity, and stagnant air can take our beautiful climate and make it sweaty, stuffy, and miserable to live with. This is why having a good air conditioner for the entirety of the lengthy warm season is such an important thing: without it, life can be downright unpleasant. But what’s equally unpleasant is having your air conditioner suddenly break down or quit on you in the middle of a hot summer afternoon.

If you want to avoid this, the best thing you can do is have your system maintained by a professional Palm Beach County air conditioning repair technician. Maintenance services are designed to offer you a number of benefits that not only make your system more reliable, but energy-efficient as well. A well-maintained system will not only be less prone to breaking down at inopportune times, but will cool your home more effectively. As a result, you’ll save a bundle of money all summer long. If your system is still under manufacturer warranty, this simple service is more than likely required every year to keep your protection active and valid for its full duration.

Here are just a few of the things our high-quality air conditioning maintenance service can include for your home:

Coil Cleaning

The heat transfer process which makes your air conditioner work depends on two coils: a condenser coil located outside, and your evaporator coil located in your indoor units. Air is passed over both of these coils to either absorb heat, or remove heat and dispel it into the atmosphere. As air passes over these coils, they can become covered with a layer of dust, and that layer of dust acts as an insulating blanket, which prevents this heat transfer from happening. This means longer cycle times, slower cooling, and more money out of your pocket from decreased efficiency.

Electrical Connection Inspections

Your air conditioner is packed with wiring that passes electrical voltage and current from your main connection to the various components which make your system work. Over time, vibration, air currents, and plain old wear and tear can cause these connections to corrode, degrade, and generally just wear out. When one comes loose, it could cause your system to stop working properly, leading to a lot of warm air blowing through your home, your system failing to turn on complete, or worse, a possible electrical short and even a fire. A maintenance service will check all of these connections to ensure that they’re solid and will last throughout the warm season.

Thermostat Calibration

One of the keys to cooling your home evenly and effectively is having a thermostat that can accurately read the air temperature in your home and make the appropriate adjustments. In order to do that, your thermostat needs an accurate calibration in order to ensure it is reading the correct values. Thermostat calibration is generally a pretty simple part of your service, but it’s one which could prove invaluable at saving you money and keeping you at your ideal comfort level all summer long.

Moving Part Lubrication

Your air conditioner depends on a lot of moving parts to do its job. Fans, belts, pulleys, motors, and plenty more all depend on having as little friction as possible. The more friction they have, the more energy your system will have to use to overcome it. The more energy it uses, the more you’ll pay to cool your home. Likewise, the more friction these parts have to deal with, the more wear and tear they’ll sustain, and the shorter their lifespan will be. A maintenance service will lubricate all these moving parts and make sure they’re spinning, turning, or otherwise moving freely for the best possible performance.

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