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Spring Cleaning: HVAC Edition

Spring is finally upon us, which means that the ever daunting yet much-needed concept of spring cleaning is also here. From dusting your curtains to cleaning your carpet, you have a lot of tasks at hand. However, spring cleaning goes deeper than that, and should also include essential systems in your house, such as the HVAC unit.

How You Can Take Care of Your HVAC Unit

There are a few things that you can do yourself when it comes to your HVAC spring cleaning to avoid future emergencies. One of these tasks is checking your thermostat. To do this, run through various temperatures to make sure that the thermostat is adjusting accordingly. Another thing you can do is check your air vents and air ducts to see if there is a visible amount of dirt and dust that has collected. If you can see any layer of dirt or dust, then you’ll know they need to be cleaned. But even if they do look clean, you might still want to have a professional double check the state of your air ducts since this can affect your indoor air quality.

Additionally, if you notice things such as weak airflow, smelly air, short-cycling or an inability to produce cool air, then it is definitely time to get a professional checkup on your system.

How A Professional Can Help

Since checking an HVAC almost always requires you to go through an internal examination of the system, it is something that must be performed by a professional. This is because navigating your way through narrow crawl spaces and complicated fixtures will not only place a dent in your day, but it likely won’t solve the core problem affecting your HVAC system. Issues such as blockages in heating pipes, corrosion in ducts, and the presence of mildew can only be fully detected and resolved by a professional. Keeping this in mind, we recommend that you call an expert in Palm Beach County, Florida when taking care of your HVAC.

Schedule Regular HVAC Checkups

It is essential to ensure that your HVAC unit is not only maintained through the spring cleaning phase but throughout the year as well. That’s why we recommend that you schedule regular checkups and inspections for your HVAC unit through a trusted provider.

At Phoenix Air Conditioning, we make sure that all of our clients in Palm Beach County, Florida are provided for with the utmost expertise and professionalism that they need from an HVAC specialist. From performing inspections to taking care of repairs, we guide you through the process every step of the way, so you know what is going on with your HVAC unit. Call us today at or contact us via our website, and we will be glad to help you with your HVAC needs.