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3 Signs Your Central AC System Is Low on Refrigerant

There are a lot of reasons your AC unit might require repair. But in the case of central air conditioners, oftentimes the simplest explanation is the correct one. And what is the simplest explanation? In a word, refrigerant, also known as coolant.

The substance used to fuel your air conditioner, refrigerant is a liquid cooling agent that basically all AC systems require. Where there are several ways to improve your central air conditioner’s performance, ultimately, none of them are going to matter without refrigerant.

Three common signs your central AC system is low on refrigerant are:

  • It’s blowing hot air: If your AC is blowing hot air, that probably means it’s working, but there’s a specific issue going on inside of it. More often than not, warm air indicates that problem is a lack of refrigerant. There could be other factors too, such as issues with your compressor or thermostat settings, or dirt and debris that’s somehow interfering with the unit. Fortunately, a skilled HVAC professional will be able to check your refrigerant issues quickly and easily see if what the problem is.
  • Your refrigerant line is covered with ice: When your AC system is low on refrigerant, pressure in the unit will lower. This can lead to a drop in temperature, potentially causing the evaporator coil to freeze. This in turn causes the moisture in the air around the coil to freeze, leading to the ice you are seeing on the line. This is definitely an issue you’ll want a technician for, as playing around with frozen AC parts could be dangerous, and cause serious harm to your system.
  • You hear a strange screeching noise: Remember how we just talked about how there’s a lot of pressure in your AC unit? That’s why you should hear it if there’s a leak in the refrigerant line. It’s likely to be a high-pitched noise, almost like helium being sucked out of a balloon. Refrigerant does not get used up like most fuels, so more often than not, a leak is the source of its disappearance.

Here’s the other important thing to know about refrigerant: you can’t just go out and buy it and replace it. If you do suspect you have a refrigerant problem with your central AC system, your best and pretty much only bet is to call a technician for service. They will be able to fix a leak and check for other issues, in addition to supplying you with more regenerant. Luckily for you, our Palm Beach County HVAC experts at Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC can easily detect refrigerant leaks and other issues with your system.

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