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Debunking Five Common Air Conditioning Myths

Air conditioning is a vital part of life here in the humid climate of Florida. When summer heat causes the air to become muggy, sticky, and difficult to breathe, cool and dry air from your air conditioner can keep you comfortable and happy. But like any other appliance in your home they need to be properly cared for and operated for best results, and that has led to a number of myths and misconceptions.

As Palm Beach County air conditioning experts, we see a number of these myths and misconceptions placed into practice, and have unfortunately had to deal with the consequences that they can bring. To set the record straight, here are five common myths we see about air conditioning systems and the truth about each of them so you can take better care of your system and enjoy it to its fullest for longer.

Turning the Temperature Down Cools Faster

When you want a fan to circulate air faster and create a stronger current, you flip the switch on to “high.” So when you’re hot and want your house to cool off, it would only make sense to flip your system into “high” gear by turning the temperature lower. After all, this forces it to produce colder air to cool your home faster, right?

This isn’t true. The majority of air conditioners can only work at one speed, and produce the same amount of cold air consistently while the system is on and running. When the cold air mixes with the warm air in your home, it slowly starts cooling it off until the mixed air reaches your target temperature. Turning your system to a lower temperature doesn’t help it reach this level any faster—it only keeps your system running for longer until it reaches this lower target. All the while, the added on-time uses more energy and costs you more money.

Turning Your System Off Saves Energy

When nobody’s home, you’re probably tempted to turn your system off completely in order to prevent it from cooling a home that nobody’s home to enjoy. While it’s true that a system that isn’t running uses less energy, it doesn’t use zero energy, and in fact can lead to an environment that’s much harder to make comfortable when you get home.

Instead of turning your system off, turn the target temperature up to a much higher level. This will prevent your system from turning on unless it gets significantly hotter in your home, and keep the temperature closer to your comfort level, thus reducing the amount of energy needed to have it reach that point once you get home.

Bigger Systems Work Better

We Americans love everything big. Big burgers, big drinks, big homes, big plots of land, big waves, and much more. However, when it comes to your home, bigger isn’t always better. The size of your air conditioner is an immensely important measurement, and a system that’s too big will actually do far more harm than good.

A system that’s too large will force too much air through your ducts, leading to a symptom known as “short cycling,” where your system turns on, runs for only a few moments, and then turns off again. Not only is this extremely hard on your system, but it wastes a ton of energy. And any homeowner can tell you, an energy bill is one of the last things we want to see come in a big size.

Shutting Vents in Unused Rooms Cools the Home Faster

People are often tempted to shut the vents on the rooms they aren’t normally using in order to allow more air to flow to rooms which need it. However, this usually winds up creating a situation where the duct system is too small and short to accommodate the amount of air your system is blowing into it. This creates a number of issues similar to the last myth, including the possibility of short cycling. In any case, it’s hard on your air conditioner and could shorten its lifespan significantly.

Maintenance Is a Waste of Money

Most people believe that they can trust their air conditioner to fire up the moment they turn it on. But the truth is your air conditioner is more like your car: it needs regular attention from a professional in order to perform its best and last the longest. A system that’s not maintained will have a significantly shorter lifespan, be more prone to breaking down, and have a much lower energy efficiency compared to one that receives regular maintenance from a professional.

In fact, energy efficiency alone could pay for itself in energy savings; a system that’s well-maintained can use far more of the energy it consumes effectively cooling your home versus having to overcome older components, dirty coils, and other general difficulties. When you consider how inexpensive most maintenance services are, it’s easy to see how quickly this service could make it worth itself.

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