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On a Budget? Consider a Ductless HVAC System!

Installing a new heating and cooling system in your home can be a big investment, and if you’re struggling with a limited budget, you may be getting frustrated at the lack of options available to you. If it seems like central heating and cooling just isn’t in the cards for you, you may actually benefit greatly from installing a network of ductless heating and cooling systems!

As their name implies, a ductless HVAC system doesn’t rely on a network of air ducts to heat or cool your home. Rather, the indoor unit in a ductless system is all in one self-contained box that’s either placed on the floor or (more often) mounted on the wall. These indoor units are connected to a small outdoor unit located just on the other side of the wall, meaning they take up a surprisingly small amount of space. And perhaps the best part: unlike central cooling which can cost around $10,000 to install in the average home, a ductless system costs only a few hundred dollars to purchase and installation is far cheaper as well.

Ductless Installation

A central heating and cooling system is a tremendous burden to install. Not only does it require a bundle of heavy lifting, but you need to have a network of air ducts installed as well. If you don’t have air ducts, they’ll have to be run through your house, which can involve a lot of time, labor, and cost.

Installing a ductless HVAC system is simple: the indoor unit is most often mounted to your wall with a few specially-designed brackets that attach with just a couple of screws. Running the refrigerant and electrical lines to your outdoor unit is remarkably easy as well—you only need to cut a small hole in your wall that’s sealed off extremely easily. The entire process takes no more than a few hours to complete.

No Shortage of Features

In the past, people have always thought of ductless systems as noisy, obtrusive boxes located on their walls that are also kind of a pain to operate. This may have been true in the past, but today’s units are substantially more sophisticated and even boast a lot of the same features you’d find in a state-of-the-art central heating and cooling system as well!

Most modern units have undergone rigorous engineering to reduce the noise they make by an exponential margin. In fact, most modern units on the market are now whisper quiet. In fact, many are so quiet that most people have little to no trouble falling asleep with it on. Likewise, many of these systems are also Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to connect to them via your home’s internet connection. Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to control your system or even multiple systems throughout your home right from an app on your smartphone or tablet. No more getting up and going to the other room to turn a system on or off or reaching up for a button to adjust the temperature!

Energy Savings

Ductless heating and cooling systems also have another tremendous advantage over central heating and cooling: they consume a mere fraction of the energy. While they may not be able to effectively heat or cool any more than just the room they’re located in, their limited output means they are far more efficient than a traditional system. And you can use this to your advantage—if you’re not using a particular room in your home, turn that heating and cooling system off. By only using the ones you need, you’ll use less energy but remain more comfortable in your home!

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