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What's That Grinding Sound?

Grinding noises are unsettling almost anywhere: whether in your car, your workplace, or your home. Why are these noises so uncomfortable? Aside from the immense amount of ear pain they can cause, grinding noises are also usually indicator that something has gone wrong and that if you don’t do something quickly, something even worse may be about to happen. This pattern holds true for your air conditioner: if you’re hearing a loud and painful grinding noise, odds are something isn’t working right, and you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a Palm Beach County air conditioning technician to schedule a repair. Here are a few of the most common things that may be causing your air conditioning to produce awful grinding noises.

On Startup

As a homeowner you’re probably familiar with what sounds your air conditioning unit makes as it starts up, operates, and then shuts back down again. Depending on what point you start hearing the grinding noise, you may be able to identify one of the possible sources of the issue. For example, if your system starts making a grinding noise when it turns on, this could be an indication that the blower fan belt has come loose and started to rub against other components or the sides of your air conditioner’s cabinet. This could also indicate the belt is wearing out and needs to be replaced.

During Operation

If your air conditioner doesn’t necessarily grind on startup but starts making strange noises during general operation, there’s a good chance the issue is more serious: you could be dealing with a worn-out or damaged compressor. Your compressor is a critical component of your system that sends refrigerant through your air conditioner’s coil lines to allow for heat exchange. A compressor has a piston that compacts the gas-state refrigerant, and when the piston wears down, it starts to make a grinding noise. Furthermore, the piston itself may not be the issue, but another mechanical part in the compressor could be the source of the problem. In any case, odds are you’re probably going to have to resort to replacing your compressor, which can be a pretty hefty repair.

But My System is Working Fine!

Just because your system is working as expected doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose to ignore the noise and keep using it as normal. Grinding noises are a message from your air conditioner: something is wrong and unless you take action, the problem could go from inconvenient to catastrophic and force your entire air conditioning system to break down. Even if your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be affected by the din it’s producing, odds are it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong and you’re calling a Palm Beach County air conditioning expert for an emergency repair for a problem that you may have otherwise been able to prevent had you been proactive.

To make a long story short: don’t ignore grinding noises. It’s far better to have a professional inspect your system and diagnose the problem ahead of time than it is to continue trying to use your system and risk having a minor issue turn major and cause your whole system to fail. Failed system soften require total replacement, which can cost thousands of dollars, whereas a minor service for something like a blower motor may cost no more than a few hundred or so. The smaller investment in a repair now could pay for itself monumentally in the long run when your air conditioner gets several extra years of life and reliable use than simply trying to brush off a problem now.

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