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How to Use Less Energy With Your Air Conditioner & Save Money!

Homeowners all across the state of Florida often dread the summer months. Not only does the rising thermometer and humidity indicate just how brutally uncomfortable it’ll be to go outside during this period, but that also means they’re going to have to battle the environment to keep their home cool, and that can get pretty expensive. Having to run your air conditioner for an extended period burns a lot of energy, and that in turn burns a lot of money out of your pocket when your energy bill arrives at the end of the month.

However, staying cool doesn’t have to cost a fortune—there are ways to keep the temperature in your home comfortable that will also help you save money and keep more of your hard-earned cash back in your bank account where it belongs. Here are just a few ideas you should consider trying.

Use a Smart Thermostat

When it comes to saving you energy, there is perhaps no better investment than a smart thermostat system. Top-of-the-line thermostats can be purchased for roughly $300 or so, will last you for many years to come, and have the programming capabilities of learning your climate control preferences, and then adjusting their operating procedures to ensure you remain comfortable while also reducing your energy consumption. As a result, these simple investments can save you enough money on your monthly bills to pay themselves off in as little as just a few months to a year. In many cases, smart thermostats also have other technological and convenience benefits, such as the ability to adjust the temperature from your smartphone or tablet, or the ability to give you a full readout of your energy consumption, organized into a convenient, easy-to-read layout.

Reduce Solar Heat Inputs

Even if you take painstaking measures to seal your home and prevent heat loss through escaping air, there are ways heat can still intrude, and one of the largest ones few people consider is through what are called “solar heat inputs.” To put it simple, a solar heat input is anything that allows sundlight, and the heat it carries, to enter your home and warm the air inside. In other words, your windows. Windows of all types, both large and small, are all areas where sunlight can penetrate your home, keeping the air inside warm despite your best efforts.

There are a few things you can do as a homeowner to fight back against this, however. First off, close your curtains during the day and keep them closed, especially the ones that are facing the sun. It’s also a smart idea to install thermal liners on them that can reflect more of the heat back out into the environment rather than absorbing it into your home.

Second, planting trees and shrubs around your home creates shade that helps keep your home cool as well as make your property more beautiful. Obviously you probably don’t want a tree or plant blocking your window completely, but carefully placing them to maximize shade coverage can do wonders for energy costs.

Finally, consider installing double-paned windows. Double-pane setups have two pieces of glass with a thin layer of air between them. This thin layer of air acts as a sort of natural barrier for heat looking to get in through your windows, absorbing much of it and preventing it from entering through the second pane to heat your home.

Limit Internal Heaters

Internal heaters are things inside your home which generate heat that can further counteract the work your air conditioner is doing. This can include things like cooking devices (i.e. your stovetop or oven), appliances (your dishwasher or clothes dryer), and even small simple lightbulbs. While these things help you with your daily life, they also create money-sapping heat, costing you more during summer months.

When the temperature cranks up, consider these alternatives:

  • Cook outside: fire up the barbecue on hot days to keep the cooking, one of the largest heat-generating tasks in your home, to a minimum.
  • Take shorter showers: believe it or not, the heat provided from the steam and hot water used while bathing can raise the temperature in your entire home. Take a shorter shower and vent the steam off while doing so to keep the heat intrusion to a minimum.
  • Reduce dryer use: Try to wash as many clothes as you can and use the dryer only when necessary. During the hottest months of summer, consider hanging your clothes outside to dry.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner!

One other way to save money on your cooling bills this year is to have your air conditioner inspected and maintained by a qualified and skilled Palm Beach County air conditioning technician. A maintenance service can ensure your system is ready and capable of handling the immense workload you throw at it each year during the long stretch of warm, humid weather Florida is known for. A well-maintained system is a more-efficient system, which means a quality maintenance service can save you a bundle in the long run.

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