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How to Set Your Thermostat for Optimal Efficiency

It seems like everyone has their own theory as to how best to set their thermostat in order to achieve maximum comfort in their home, however a lot of people don’t like going there because it drives their energy bills through the roof. As a result, loads of people choose to sit there and sweat it out during the scorching summer months in order to keep more money in their pockets rather than enjoy their air conditioner to its fullest potential.

What we’ve also realized as Palm Beach County air conditioning experts is that far too many people don’t seem to realize that comfort and energy efficiency doesn’t have to be a trade-off: you can live in cool, refreshing comfort without spending a fortune on your electric bill. It all comes down in knowing how to properly set your thermostat for maximum efficiency. On this blog, we’ll go over a few simple tips on how to do so.

Split Your Stories

If you live in a multi-story home, you’re probably well aware of the problem these structures face: rising warm air makes your upper floors significantly hotter than those downstairs. You might think that setting your upstairs and downstairs thermostats identically will help balance this problem out, but you probably are only frustrated to find that you’re cold downstairs while your upstairs floors are uncomfortable, stuff, and hot.

Instead, during the scorching summer months, set your upstairs thermostat to your ideal temperature target and your downstairs thermostat to two degrees warmer. This will not only let your system run less and save you energy, but the natural tendency of heat to rise and cool air to fall will keep the temperature well balanced in your home.

Set Your Fan to “Auto”

Circulating air feels cooler but doesn’t take nearly as much energy. This is why standing fans are such a great investment during summer months, and why ceiling fans are so popular. However, your HVAC fan isn’t quite as effective. Running your fan even while your system is shut off uses a considerable amount of extra energy, and doesn’t do a whole lot for keeping your home feeling cool, especially when compared to a different type of fan. Instead, leave your central HVAC fan set to “auto” on your thermostat and pick up a couple large wall-plug fans and place them in the rooms you use most. This will use significantly less energy and be far more effective at keeping you feeling cool and comfortable.

Colder Isn’t Faster

We do occasionally see some people who swear by the idea that setting their thermostat extremely cold will actually help cool their home off quicker and more effectively than leaving it at a more reasonable temperature. This isn’t true: your air conditioner will always cool your home at the same rate, and leaving your system on and working that hard will only increase the chances of it breaking down, wearing out, or freezing over, especially during the humid summer months here in Florida.

Instead, set your thermostat to your ideal temperature, and simply let your air conditioner work. You’ll find that not only will you reach your target temperature quicker, but your system won’t have to run as often, which will save you plenty of money in the long run.

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