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Have Your HVAC System Inspected Before Selling Your Home!

Selling your home takes a lot of preparation, including lots of different chores and tasks that can take anywhere from weeks to months to complete. However, while you may be trying to scramble to make everything presentable, far too many people forget about the importance of their HVAC system. Your heating and air conditioning system is one of the biggest selling points for your home, but could also be one of the biggest sticking points as well—possibly even making or breaking a deal with a buyer.

Here are a few of the biggest and most beneficial reasons why you make sure you have your HVAC system inspected before listing your home on the market.

Diminished Appeal

Your home might be beautiful inside and out, with modern upgrades, a fantastic yard, and even a fresh coat of exterior paint. But all of that won’t matter nearly as much if the HVAC system installed in it is old. The average HVAC system has an expected lifespan ranging between 10-25 years, depending on the type of unit. This isn’t a secret—buyers, agents, and home inspectors are all well aware of this fact.

So when buyers take a look at your HVAC system and discover it was installed nearly three decades ago, you’re going to have a hard time convincing them that it’s still worth top dollar. Nobody wants to immediately replace an air conditioner after placing so much money down in order to buy a new home, so buyers may run pretty quickly. However, replacing your air conditioner may allow you to work the cost of the service into your asking price, and give you the benefit of being able to say your HVAC system is brand new, which is extremely appealing to buyers.

System Maintenance

An older system doesn’t have to be a deterrent to buyers: a well-maintained system has a substantially greater lifespan than one which is left alone to run constantly. Not only does this latter type of system run less efficiently (thus leading to more money out of your pocket) but it’s also more prone to breaking down and giving out sooner.

Having your system regularly maintained by a Palm Beach County HVAC professional will not only give you the benefit of a better and longer lifespan in your HVAC system, but they’ll also give you records to show that your system is in good health and has received regular attention. A system that’s 12 years old and been maintained at least once a year will likely have anywhere from another 10 to 15 years of life left in it whereas an unmaintained unit of the same age may be a huge turnoff to potential homebuyers.

Identify Potential Breakdowns

Having your system regularly maintained by a professional has benefits for any home, whether you’re selling it or not. Maintenance visits usually include a full inspection, which can help you identify any developing sources of trouble and even get them fixed before they become a serious issue that requires substantially larger and more expensive repairs.

This includes issues that may even affect your health, such as carbon monoxide leaks. A home inspector that detects carbon monoxide or another dangerous substance will likely send buyers packing and leave you to resolve the problem before trying to entice another buyer.

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