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Keep Your Air Clean with a UV Scrubber

How’s the air quality in your home? Clean? Fresh? Way better than the air outside that’s hot, sticky, and muggy? Believe it or not, statistics say you’re most likely mistaken. Studies have suggested that the air inside your home could be as much as ten times worse in terms of pollutant levels than the air outside your home.

You may not realize it, but the lack of circulation and constant supply of fresh air means the air in your home could fill up with loads of different contaminants, including chemicals, dust, and even biological pathogens such as mites, microbes, mold spores, and airborne bacteria. And that’s a huge problem, as these bio-contaminants can cause all sorts of health problems, including triggering asthma attacks, allergy symptoms, and even serious illnesses.

However, you don’t have to live with the problem forever: there are ways you can remove contaminants form the air in your home, making it clean, safe to breathe, and free from illness-causing pathogens. For bio-contaminants, the solutions is a small and device known as a “UV scrubber.”

What Is a UV Scrubber?

A UV scrubber is extremely simple bit of technology: at its core, it’s a small lamp that uses a special bulb that emits ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light is light that has an extremely short wavelength, so short in fact that it’s invisible to the human eye. However, even though you can’t see it, it has tremendously harsh qualities. UV radiation is what’s primarily responsible for the burns on your skin when you’re out in sunlight for too long without applying sunscreen. It’s also one of several things responsible for causing sun damage to your home and anything else you leave outside.

Why UV light? Simple: airborne pathogens like mold spores and bacteria can’t survive in UV light. Any concentrated exposure kills these microscopic organisms, rendering them harmless almost instantly.

How a UV Scrubber Works

A UV scrubber is mounted usually about two to three feet inside your air intake vent, where it can blast all incoming light with UV radiation. As your HVAC system pulls air back in to condition it or heat it, the air must pass by this light. As a result, any mold, bacteria, microbes, or other microscopic biological contaminants in your air pass by this light, where they’re zapped with radiation and rendered inert. Most of these organisms are filtered out, but even then the ones that find their way through are harmless and can’t do anything to hurt you or your family.

More UV Scrubber Information

UV scrubbers are generally pretty simple to install, requiring nothing more than a lamp inside your air intake vent. Most of these lamps can be wired into your existing HVAC system for power, and they add very little to your air conditioner’s electrical draw, meaning you’ll see barely any impact on your electric bill whatsoever (a few cents to a few dollars at most per month).

Maintenance for these devices is also pretty simple. Generally, most bulbs will last for a year or so before they wear out and need to be replaced. Generally, you can find replacement bulbs for most models for around $25 to $35, with more advanced or larger models sometimes running as high as $50. However, when you consider how much easier you and your family will be breathing, most homeowners find the added annual purchase to be an investment that’s well worth-it.

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