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Don't Skimp on HVAC Replacement Costs!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a more energy-efficient unit or your system has died and left you without climate control, there will come a time where you’ll have to replace your HVAC system. There’s no way around it: purchasing and installing a new system is a pretty substantial cost, and while it is an investment in your future, the truth of the matter is it’s one that most people want to save as much money as possible on.

There are ways you can do this, but as a Palm Beach County HVAC team we have seen the downsides of going too cheap. We offer this warning: do not skimp out on HVAC replacement costs. Not only will the experience be frustrating and full of headaches, but it may even cost you significantly more money in the long run.

Budget HVAC Systems

There are tons of big-name manufacturers on the market, all of whom have been in business for many years and build a quality product that’s both loaded with features and built using premium-grade components. However, with the modern market being how it is, there are also plenty of other products on the market from less-reputable manufacturers. Many of these manufacturers are based in Asian countries, like China, where they can mass-produce these units in huge factories, use less-expensive materials and run fewer quality-control checks.

As a result, you get a system that has specs that may be similar to the name-brand model, but with a cost that undercuts them by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Almost makes purchasing the name-brand system seem kind of ridiculous, right? Not at all. Here are three reasons why these off-brand models are far more trouble than they’re worth.

Low Quality Control

So you’ve waited for a few weeks and your new system finally shows up. When your technician goes to install your new system, they discover that several parts are not built right and leave a gap, rub together, or otherwise don’t work as they’re intended to. Or worse, some parts that are needed are outright missing. Great, so now you have to either buy replacement parts for a brand new system that you just purchased and expected to work out of the box, or you have to try and work with the manufacturing company to get replacements (more on that in a minute). While this may sound like an extreme case, missing or deformed parts are a fairly common occurrence in these low-cost systems, mostly because they go through very few, if any quality control checks to ensure they work.

Increased Breakdowns

So you finally get your system up and running. However, within a year something goes wrong and you’re already calling for a repair. Was it something you did wrong? Not necessarily. The fact of the matter is the lower-grade materials and cheaper parts are more prone to wearing out and breaking down, particularly when they’re not made to the tolerances and operating standards that a name-brand system is designed to. This helps keep costs down and allows for more units to be manufactured in less time, but comes at the expense of reliability, and that’s not what you want as a homeowner.

Lack of Support

Finally, buying a new system on your own from one of these manufacturers has another downside: these manufacturers really have no motivation or impetus to make sure you’re satisfied as their customer—they already have your money. Thus, getting ahold of these manufacturers and ordering spare parts, getting replacements for missing or damaged parts with your new system, or even just trying to find information about your system can be a real chore.

And then there’s the warranty, if your system comes with one. Many of these manufacturers will say they have a warranty on their system, but in reality the warranty is either outsourced to another company that provides them and makes you jump through an insane number of hoops to get the fix you need, or simply denies your claim—whether or not it’s legitimate.

All of this adds up to a system which you paid less for, but had to wait longer for, buy new parts for straight out of the box, and then can’t get any support for when you need it, leaving you with the repair bills that you’ll have to deal with in the future. All in all, that money-saving risk you took buying a budget off-brand system winds up costing you hundreds or thousands more in the long run.

Name-Brand Quality Is Worth the Cost

While the initial price tag on a name-brand system may be slightly higher, the truth of the matter is the difference in price is far more worth it in the long run when you have the pace of mind of knowing your system is built to last. Not only are manufacturing methods dedicated to building a better product for these systems, but they go through painstaking checks to ensure every part is there and in good condition.

Likewise, as long as your system is installed by a qualified professional, you’ll be able to enjoy a reliable warranty that’s provided by the manufacturer, meaning the claim process is easier and your system will be up and working again quickly.

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