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Why Are My Heat Pump Coils Freezing Over?

Florida is known for our tropical climate that brings us warm temperatures all year-round. However, what many people don’t think about is that some of our nights during winter can get quite cold. What surprises many people is that even though we have a mild climate, heat pump coils can still freeze over, which can cause serious damage to your heater that mandates costly repairs. Why does this happen and what can you do about it? Here are a few of the causes of frozen coils and things you can do to prevent them from becoming a factor.

Common Causes of Coil Freezing

It’s fairly normal for a thin layer of frost or ice to form on your heat pump coils, especially during winter when your coils are working hard to extract heat from the air and bring it inside to warm your home. But a lot of ice can lead to serious consequences. Here are a few reasons this can happen.

Dirty Air Filter
If your coils seem to be freezing over, this could be a sign that they’re not receiving enough air flow to work properly. A dirty air filter can restrict the amount of air that flows over the coils, which can cause frost to build up rapidly and freeze them over. If your heater doesn’t seem to be working right or you’re struggling with coils that freeze frequently, check your air filter first.

Damaged Sensor or Shut-Off Controls
Your heater and air conditioner has sensors and controls that detect the temperature of your coils in order to shut off when they get too cold or hot to prevent damage. However, coils that are constantly freezing may be an indication that these controls have worn out and stopped working. Not only that, but this issue will prevent your system from shutting off, which can mean even greater damage.

Low Air Flow Around Outdoor Unit
Just like your indoor unit needs proper air flow through the filter, your outdoor unit also needs clean air flow to work properly. However, snow buildup, dust, leaves, grass, and other debris can block up the air intake through the fins around your air conditioner. Be sure to keep the area around your outdoor unit clean and free from these possible hazards to ensure it gets the maximum airflow it needs.

Dirty Coils
Over time, air passing around the coils can carry dust, dirt, and other debris, which can stick to the coils when water condenses and freezes onto them. Fixing this issue is simpler than you think: cleaning your heat pump coils is something that’s performed during your annual tune-up maintenance service to ensure your system is in peak condition and ready to handle the long months of use ahead.

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