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Five Factors that Influence How Often You Should Change Your Air Filter

When it comes to air conditioner performance, perhaps no single part has a bigger influence than your air filter. A dirty air filter will not only prevent your system from running optimally but also lead to an increase in breakdowns and increased repair and maintenance costs to accompany a shorter system lifespan. Normally, you should be changing your filter at least twice per year, but certain factors could increase the frequency with which you should be changing your filter out. Here are a few of these factors.

System Use

A system that isn’t used won’t ever need its filter replaced, which also means the opposite is true: the more you use it, the more often you’ll have to change your filter. During the peak of summer when you have your air conditioner blasting for many hours each day, your air filter is going to have to strain out a lot of air, which means you’ll have to replace the filter quite frequently.

Household Size

A large family is going to track more dirt, dust, and air quality-reducing hazards into your home, prompting your air filter to need to work even harder. Generally, a single person living alone in a small space won’t need to change their filter nearly as often as a family of four who live in a larger home.


Own a dog or a cat? While they’re just as important of a member of your family, they’re also a huge addition to the burden placed on your air filter. Pets shed, causing hair to become trapped in carpeting, rugs, and clothes, which also means it will get caught in your air filter. Pet dander and dust also increase significantly, resulting in the need to change your air filter with more frequency.


Smoking releases all sorts of odors and other airborne micro particles into your home where your air filter will be asked to clean them out. Whether it’s small pieces of ash or even just smoke odors, your air filter will clog up much faster if you smoke inside. This holds true for all types of smoking, including cigarettes, pipes, electronic cigarettes, and more.

Filter Type

What type of air filter you use will also greatly influence how often you need to replace it. A lower filtration grade means your filter won’t remove quite as much in the way of particles from the air, which means you won’t have to change your filter as often. However, a high-level filter will remove much more, which means it’ll also need to be replaced more often. For this reason, it may not necessarily be a wise investment to buy HEPA or hospital-grade air filters unless you have severe allergies or suffer from serious asthma.

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