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Monitor Your Windows to Keep Your Home Comfortable!

Keeping your home comfortable can sometimes feel like an unwinnable battle. Your air conditioner or heater is going to do the majority of the work, but other factors can work against it, requiring you to have to run your air conditioner longer and more often. One of these factors that you may not anticipate is your windows. Located all throughout your house, your windows could be doing everything from letting much-needed cool air escape to letting unwanted heat penetrate through your home, all of which make them somewhat of an enemy of your HVAC system.

However, they don’t have to be. On this blog we’ll explain why your windows could be hurting you and what you can do instead to make them work in your favor and actually help your HVAC system do its job better.

Air Leaks

First, and perhaps most importantly, your windows are a potential source for air leaks. It doesn’t take much—a tiny crack or pinhole can be enough space for air to leak into your home and air that’s in your home can escape out, resulting in an exchange of heat and temperature that you don’t want. You may not be able to hear, see, or even directly feel an air leak, but you’ll more than likely be able to tell when one exists.

The number one source for air leaks around windows is with your weather stripping. Weather stripping is the rubber or flexible plastic material around your moving window panes which is designed to create a seal that closes off any gap between your window and its frame when the window is closed. Over time, this material will grow old, lose its flexibility, wear out, become brittle, and then crack, resulting in sources for air leaks. One of the best things you can do for your air conditioning and heating system is check the weather stripping around every window at least once a year, and replace it every two to three years to ensure a good, stable seal around your windows.

Heat Penetration

The second way your windows could hurt your home comfort is heat penetration. When the sun is shining, it’s pelting the earth with a tremendous amount of energy, including in the form of life-granting heat. However, too much heat isn’t a good thing, and heat can travel through your windows and find its way into your home. Even with air leaks sealed, glass can still transfer heat, which means more difficulty keeping your home cool during summer.

Fortunately, advances in window technology over the past couple of decades or so have made this problem almost entirely a thing of the past. Modern glass is imbued with materials and chemical substances which are designed to reflect heat rather than allow it to pass through, which makes keeping your home cooler so much simpler. Double-pane technology, or windows which feature two panes of glass separated by a space filled with insulating gas, can even keep your windows cool to the touch when they’re exposed to brutal sunlight on a blistering hot afternoon.

If you’re looking for a way you can improve your home’s appearance and increase energy efficiency, replacing your old, outdated windows with modern, heat-rejecting glass can be a tremendous investment.

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