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Four Benefits of Programmable Thermostats for Businesses

Thermostats have made leaps and bounds in terms of technology over the last couple decades. In the past, a thermostat was a simple mechanical switch on the wall that turned your HVAC system on and off when temperature went above or below a certain threshold. This kept your home comfortable, but didn’t give you a lot of control over when or how the system turned on or off, and you’d have to make every adjustment yourself in order to cut back on your energy use.

Today, programmable thermostats can change themselves to maximize your energy efficiency, following instructions you program in. This not only does away with the headache of worrying about whether or not you set your thermostat correctly, but can offer you plenty of other benefits too! The benefits are particularly great for business applications, where the temperature is critical both to the comfort of your employees and customers as well as the services your business offers.

Here are four of the benefits of installing a programmable thermostat in your business.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Your energy consumption is one of your largest overhead expenditures every month. Whether you run a small office that uses computers or a massive plant that uses loads of specialized high-voltage equipment, opening your power bill each month can turn just about any business owner’s hair gray. However, since heating and cooling is a massive energy consumer, reducing the amount of energy you use to keep your business comfortable can save you a bundle each month. On top of that, you won’t notice that anything in terms of your business’s comfort levels has changed.

Fewer Large Problems

Commercial heating and cooling systems are prone to their own range of issues, and sometimes all it takes is a small mistake to send your system plunging into disrepair. For example, some large systems can freeze over if left on overnight, either in heating or cooling modes. However, worrying about this happening is a thing of the past with a programmable thermostat! You can program your thermostat to turn the temperature to an appropriate level or shut off completely when everyone leaves for the night, thus preventing freezing. You can even have it turn on again in the morning before everyone arrives so the office remains comfortable all throughout the workday!

Error-Proof Your System

Do you run a business that’s highly temperature-dependent, such as an ice rink or hot yoga studio? If the temperature goes outside an accepted range, your entire operation could be compromised. With a programmable thermostat, you can protect yourself against these problems by having your system automatically turn on and bring your temperature back within acceptable levels. And here’s the best part: you don’t even have to be there to do it! Many systems can adjust themselves and turn on or off to keep the temperature at an appropriate level with no input from you. Thus, no worrying about a poorly-controlled temperature coming back to hurt you.

Keep Patrons & Employees Happy

Nobody likes to shop in a store that’s sweltering on a hot summer day or in one that’s as frigid as the winter air outside. Likewise, nobody likes to work in a place like that either. One of the keys to a successful business is one that’s welcoming and inviting to both customers and employees alike, and that’s what a programmable thermostat can offer you.

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