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Is a Ductless A/C Right For Your Home?

When you mention the term “air conditioning,” most people automatically think of a traditional central air conditioning system. However, these aren’t ideal for all applications. For starters, a central cooling system is often way too large to cool small spaces, and thus way too expensive. Furthermore, some structures don’t have a duct network needed for effective cooling. If you fit into any of these or even a few other situations, you may want to consider a ductless air conditioning option.

As the name implies, a ductless air conditioning option doesn’t require a duct network in order to operate, instead usually having the intake and output vents in the same single unit as an evaporator coil to provide ample cooling from a remarkably small package.

But is a ductless air conditioning system option right for your home? It could be, provided your situation is right for one. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider a ductless air conditioning system.

Your Home is Older

Homes that were built before air conditioning became a widespread technology may not be built in a way that allows the technology to be retrofitted. Often times the space between floors can be too narrow to run ductwork or the walls simply don’t have ductwork installed to begin with. If you have one of these older homes where running central air conditioning isn’t an option, then ductless systems are an ideal cooling choice. Ductless systems don’t require you to tear open your walls or ceilings, and instead require nothing more than a few small holes in order to allow electrical and coolant lines to run between the indoor and outdoor units (for ductless mini-split systems).

You Have a New Addition

You’ve decided to add on to your home and expand its footprint in order to make use of a little extra space. Whether you’re building out a new office, adding a gallery, or simply making a new bedroom for an addition to the family, adding an addition brings about a number of new complications, including how you plan on heating or cooling it. Connecting your new addition to your central heating and cooling system could throw the entire system out of balance—the extra space will need cooled, and that may reduce your system’s efficiency, plus you may need to re-route your duct system to allow air to properly reach the new room.

Instead of spending thousands to completely overhaul your existing air conditioner (especially if it’s still in good condition), consider cooling and heating the new room with a ductless system. This not only gives you the ability to precisely control the temperature in this space, but it prevents you from having to completely re-engineer your already-existing cooling and heating system in order to do so.

You’re On a Limited Budget

If you have a smaller home and are limited in how much you can spend to try and find a heating and cooling solution, a ductless system is the ideal choice. Ductless units can run for generally around a few hundred dollars, plus a few hundred more for installation. However, the cost of a brand new central heating and air conditioning system can run in the thousands, and that’s if you don’t need ductwork already installed.

However, keep in mind that even though these are less expensive options, they don’t work well in large spaces. Generally, a ductless system works well for something like a single bedroom, workshop, or a garage, but they don’t work well for cooling a kitchen/living/dining room combo, and even worse when trying to use one system for cooling an entire home, no matter how small it might be.

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