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Five Things You Can Do to Help Your A/C Run Better

You depend on your air conditioner virtually year-round here in Florida, and that means you need to take care of it. A well-kept system will not only last longer, but also be more efficient, which means you spend less on energy bills. Want to keep your air conditioner running in the best possible condition? It doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, there are a few simple things you can do that will both increase your system’s longevity and help it function its best for many years to come.

Have Your Coils Cleaned Once a Year

Annual maintenance is an important part of owning an air conditioning system, and unfortunately it’s one that too many people overlook entirely. During an annual maintenance service, a technician will not only thoroughly inspect your system, lubricate your motors, and check your refrigerant levels, but they’ll also clean your coils both inside and outside. This is extremely important because coils which are dirty aren’t able to transfer heat as well, and it doesn’t take much dirt or dust to dramatically impact your air conditioner’s performance. Have a Palm Beach County air conditioning technician come to your home and perform an annual maintenance service and you’ll be thankful all summer long for the efficient and smoothly-running system.

Keep the Sun Out

The sun is not only nature’s lightbulb, but its heater as well. That means direct sunlight is actually a direct counter to your air conditioner, forcing it to work harder and more often to keep you comfortable. If you want to help your A/C do its job better and more efficiently, give it circumstances that it can operate successfully in, notably by keeping the sun out. Shut your windows and keep the shades down during the hottest parts of the day, particularly when the sun is beaming directly through the panes of glass. Limiting direct sunlight exposure can help keep your home cool, let your air conditioner work well, and save you money in the long run!

Keep the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit Clear

Your outdoor unit consists of a few key parts, including a compressor and a compressor coil. The compressor turns your refrigerant into a hot gas that then flows through your compressor coil, where it is cooled by the giant fan in your outdoor unit. The fan sucks air through the sides of your unit and then blows it out the top to allow as much heat to escape from the coil as possible. What this means is that the area around your outdoor unit needs to be clear and free from any obstructions that might get caught in the fins of your outdoor unit, blocking them up and reducing airflow to cool your compressor coil. Sweep this area away with a broom and trim away any bushes or trees that may encroach within a three to five-foot area surrounding your outdoor unit to keep it at its most efficient.

Give Your System Some Time Off

Your system runs for hours and hours each day, and the constant hours of running is only going to contribute to it wearing out and becoming less efficient. If you want to keep your system running healthier and more efficient for longer, you’re better-off giving it a chance to rest, especially during hours where it’s not as hot or humid outside. When the temperature becomes more tolerable, consider switching off your air conditioner and letting the air outside do the cooling. Your wallet and your air conditioner both will thank you for the break.

Use a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is one of the simplest and yet most effective upgrades for your air conditioning system. A smart thermostat can give you the ability to turn your air conditioning up or down and on or off, often from your smartphone or tablet. Many of them can also carefully monitor just how much energy your system is consuming, track the condition of your air filter, and some can even be integrated with other smart home technology to become voice-operated! However, the best part is that some of these units even have the ability to learn your climate habits and adjust their usage times in order to maximize energy efficiency. In fact a smart thermostat can save you so much that they can even pay for themselves in as little as a few short months!

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