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Time for a Furnace Check-Up!

The shorter days and cooler nights are two signs that winter is rapidly approaching on the calendar. That also means it’s time to start preparing your home, starting with your furnace in order to make sure it can handle the long months of use ahead. The best way to prepare? Call a Palm Beach County furnace repair expert and schedule a tune-up maintenance service. Let’s take a closer look at how these services can help and what benefits you can expect to receive.

Fewer Breakdowns

When was the last time you had your furnace serviced? Your heater and air conditioner are a lot like a car, which means they need regular attention and preventative maintenance services to ensure they’re in good working condition. If your system isn’t in good condition, critical parts could be prone to wearing out and breaking down faster, leaving you without heat until you can contact a professional to get a repair. Don’t get left in the cold: make sure your system is ready for the winter months ahead with a preventative tune-up service!

Increased Longevity

A maintenance service prevents fewer breakdowns, which obviously makes your system last longer, but did you know that even if your system seems to be working properly, you could actually be seriously decreasing its lifespan? A system that hasn’t been properly maintained will face a number of issues, such as dirty heating coils, grinding blower motors, and more. A maintenance service can take care of these and many other issues, which make them run better, use less energy, and in turn last far longer than a system that receives little to no attention.

Save Money

Is a maintenance service really worth the money? Absolutely, because it can pay for itself in savings throughout the winter. For starters, a maintained system is more efficient, which means you use less energy to keep your home warm, which saves money. Secondly, a maintenance service can spot and repair any minor problems before they become major issues that require a repair call and replacement parts, which cost a lot more money than a simple tune-up. Finally, the increase in lifespan means you’ll be able to go many extra years before replacing your furnace, which saves you money.

Save money on your heating bills this winter! Contact Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC today to schedule your furnace tune-up service!