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Should I Repair or Replace My A/C Ducts?

Are you dealing with poor air quality in your home, or an inefficient heating and air conditioning system? If so, the fault may not be with your heater or air conditioner, but with your home’s duct network. When you experience a duct problem, you’ll have two options: do you repair the issue or replace your ducts completely? Here are some things you should take into consideration when making this decision.

Duct Age

In general, you can expect the ducts in your house to last you between 10 and 15 years, and maybe even longer if you take good care of them and your air conditioning system. But like every other component of your central heating and air conditioning system, they’ll eventually grow old and wear out. If your ducts are under this age, or still in pretty good condition aside from the issue you’re facing, repairing them is probably the ideal choice. However, if they’re constructed from a non-metallic material or showing signs of significant wear, collapse, or large gaps, you’re probably better off replacing them.

Duct Material

Ducts are often constructed from two different types of material: fiber board and metal. Metal ducts are more durable, resistant to issues, and easier to repair, but more expensive. Fiber board is lighter weight and easier to insulate, but more prone to issues and are much more difficult to clean. Fiber board also can’t be repaired as easily as metal. If you have metal ducts, you may be able to repair the issue, but fiber board ducts will more likely need replacement.

Type of Damage

If you’re experiencing poor air quality, it could be that the inside of your ducts have accumulated a layer of dust, dirt, or even mold spores. The damp nature of ducts can cause this issue, but fortunately you can probably solve it by having your ducts cleaned by a professional Palm Beach County duct cleaning service. This allows you to save money and simply repair the ducts you have in your home. However, if part of your ducts has collapsed, or an animal has eaten a hole into your duct system, you probably need to replace at least that portion.

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