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Attic Ventilation & Air Conditioner Efficiency

Most people don’t think of their attic as anything more than a room in the rafters in which to store things they don’t use very often. However, your attic plays an important role in your home that you may not have thought about. Warm air rises, which means it finds its way into your attic. However, without proper ventilation, heat from inside your home combines with heat from the sun and outside temperatures and your attic becomes a sweltering, stagnant sauna of hot air.

Many things in your home produce heat, including your cooking appliances, your shower or bathtub, your clothes washer and dryer, and much more. Even you, your family, and your pets all produce heat. It’s these many sources of heat that warm your home from the inside, which your air conditioner constantly battles in order to maintain your comfort. However, with a giant, unventilated collection of heat overhead, your air conditioner must work much harder to keep your home cool. For this reason, you should keep your attic properly ventilated at all times.

That’s not the only threat of an unventilated attic, either. Stagnant attics trap moisture and humidity from both the outdoors and indoors, which fosters mold and mildew growth. Mold can not only weaken the structure of your home, but can result in serious health problems as well as highly-unpleasant odors.

Dissipating Attic Heat

So how do you properly ventilate your attic? The most popular way is by installing a fan that replaces the stagnant air with fresh air from the outdoors. This may not cool your attic, but it keeps the air fresh and the temperature consistent with the outside. There are two types of basic fans: rooftop and gable fans. Rooftop fans are installed on the rooftop and bright air both in and out from the same location. Gable fans are installed as two separate units, with fresh air coming in on one side and stagnant air going out the other.

Seal Your Attic

Running a fan in your attic has another risk: you could be sucking cool air out of your home and expelling it through your attic. Therefore, before installing a fan, you should make sure you have an adequate seal between the interior of your home and the attic above. The best way to do this is to consult an HVAC professional and have them perform an inspection to find and seal any possible air leaks. This will dramatically improve your HVAC efficiency by allowing less cool air to escape your home through the sweltering temperatures of your attic.

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