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Should I Replace My Furnace and Air Conditioner at the Same Time?

One question we are frequently asked by our customers is, “should I replace my air conditioner and furnace at the same time?” To be honest, not necessarily.

For example, if your furnace’s age is less than a decade, then it’s best not to replace it the same time as your air conditioner. Remember, a furnace has an average lifespan of between 20 and 30 years. Furthermore, don’t replace both HVAC systems simply because a salesman told you to do so.

On the other hand, there are several factors which make replacing the both at the same time a good idea, such as the following:

  • If your furnace and AC are over a certain age. The average life expectancy of an air conditioner is 10-15 years. If both your furnace and air conditioner are over 15 years old, you can replace your AC and then replace your furnace once that new AC is past its lifespan. However, if both your HVAC systems have reached their limit, then it would be wise to replace them both at the same time.
  • If you purchase a high-efficiency air conditioner. If you purchase a more technologically advanced air conditioning system compared to your furnace, then you may have to purchase a compatible heating unit as well.
  • If your furnace or air conditioner is difficult to access. If your HVAC system is located in a hard-to-reach part of your home or if you live in the middle of nowhere, you may want to consider replacing both units at the same time. Both these factors may affect the price of installation due to the difficulty of the job.
  • If you are retiring soon. We receive many calls from our elderly customers who are retiring, or have already retired and want to get their house fully equipped for the long run prior to living on a fixed income. They do not want to worry about fixing problems, so they can life as comfortably as possible.

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