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Five Summer Heat Problems & How to Beat Them

Staying cool in summer can be tough, and it’s even more difficult when your air conditioner at home isn’t working properly. A broken or inefficient air conditioner can lead to all sorts of problems, and those problems can lead to intense discomfort and a generally miserable life that you might find it hard to escape from. If you’re suffering from any of these five summer heat issues, you shouldn’t have to tolerate it any longer—contact a Palm Beach County air conditioning expert and schedule a repair or maintenance service as soon as possible!

Coming Home to… More Heat

A hard day’s work deserves some rest and relaxation, especially if you’ve been out in the hot sun, sweltering heat, and unbearable humidity all day, as many workers do all summer long in Florida. However, if you go home to an air conditioner that isn’t working right, or working at all, you’re probably not going to get that relaxation. Homes take a long time to dispel the heat they take on during the day when the heat is at its highest point, particularly if there’s no air conditioner or fans to combat it. Nothing is more frustrating than opening the door to your place, only to have even more heat envelop you. Schedule a repair or maintenance service and get the help you need

Being Unable to Sleep Because It’s Too Hot

When the air wraps around you like blankets, sleeping can be a real chore. Everyone can recall a night where they struggled to rest because they simply couldn’t relax in the midst of the intense heat of their home. Running your air conditioner on particularly hot or humid nights can help avoid this issue, but what happens when your air conditioner doesn’t work? Sometimes fans just aren’t going to cut it. This means you’ll probably wake up the next morning irritable and exhausted from a lack of restful sleep, if you can even find sleep to begin with. Call and schedule a service now and don’t deal with missing sleep any longer than you have to!

Forgetting to Turn Off the A/C Because You Can’t Tell It’s On

A broken or poorly-working air conditioner can not only fail to cool your home, but you might forget that it’s even on in the first place. While it might not be producing a lot of cold air, your air conditioner is still burning electricity like it’s going out of style. And the worst part: you probably won’t even notice this is an issue until you see your electric bill at the end of the month. If your air conditioner is cool, however, you probably won’t forget about it being on, and your utility bills will also quickly come back down to more reasonable levels.

Sweating Profusely Because of Humidity

When it’s too humid, our bodies can’t cool themselves off using sweat because the sweat we normally use can’t evaporate into the air. This makes even mild heat seam excruciating. Florida is known for our intensely humid summers, and while humidity can’t be avoided outside, it most certainly can be reduced indoors… provided your air conditioner works properly. Air conditioners are not only great for cooling the air off, they also help dry it out by allowing moisture to condense on a condenser and evaporator coil, where it’s then carried away down a drain pipe. If humidity is a big problem in your home, call to schedule an air conditioning repair service now!

Intense Pet Discomfort

You wouldn’t leave your dog in a sealed car on a scorching hot day. In fact, it’s illegal to do so in many places now. So why would you leave them to suffer in the heat of your un-cooled home? Imagine being stuck in your extremely warm home with a thick fur blanket around you that you can’t take off—that’s what life is like for your pet. If you have a dog or cat, make the call and have your air conditioning system repaired as soon as possible; for both their health and your comfort.

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