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Three Myths About How Your A/C Works

Air conditioners are fairly complex appliances, so it’s not all that surprising that many homeowners don’t fully understand how they work. This lack of understanding often leads to a number of mistakes and myths about how they work, and acting on this misinformation can lead to your air conditioner wearing out faster and breaking down more often. In order to help you preserve your system’s health and longevity, this blog will set the record straight on some of these myths so you can learn how to properly run your system in the future.

Turning Off Your A/C Saves Energy

You may not realize is it takes just a few hours for the temperature in your home to rise from comfortable to sweltering when the heat outside is intense. That means when you get home, your system will have to run non-stop for hours to bring the temperature back to comfortable levels, which means you’ll be burning a lot of energy. Instead, it’s best to simply raise your thermostat four or five degrees to keep the temperature more manageable and then lower it again when you get home. This will not only decrease the amount of time it takes to make your home comfortable again, but will save you money on your energy bills.

Lower Temperatures Doesn’t Mean Cooler Air

Your air conditioner doesn’t actually filter air into your room at the perfect temperature. In fact, your system cools all of the air to one common temperature and then sends it into your home until the ambient temperature reaches your desired target. Therefore, dropping the temperature extremely low doesn’t actually cool your home any faster. Instead, you’ll just leave your system running longer than you need to and wear it out faster as a result. You’ll also increase your chances of your coils freezing over… even on the hottest summer days.

Wait Till Your System Breaks to Call for Service

Your air conditioner is a lot like your car. You depend on it to work when you need it most, breakdowns can be extremely expensive, and you want to preserve its lifespan for as long as possible. Also not unlike your car, your air conditioner also needs to be regularly maintained to keep working properly. In addition to regularly changing your air filter, it’s also highly advised that you have your air conditioner maintained by a professional Palm Beach County air conditioning technician at least once per year. This service will usually include cleaning your system, checking all electrical connections, ensuring everything is working properly, and much more. This maintenance service will both increase your system’s lifespan and reduce the amount of energy it has to consume to keep up with your usage demands.

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