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Save Money With These Summer Maintenance Tips!

Roughly half of the energy an average American household uses every year goes to heating and cooling, making it one of the biggest expenses the average homeowner has to deal with. This is particularly true during summers here in Florida, which are notorious for intense heat and extreme humidity. With summer in full-force, many people will be firing up their air conditioners to try to seek relief from this problem, but that could lead to a massive electric bill each month. If you want to try to save money without being forced to sweat all summer long, here are a few simple maintenance tips you can follow.

Do It Yourself

The easier your air conditioner can do its job, the less energy it will consume, and that means less pain for your wallet each month. Making your air conditioner’s job easy is a matter of simple maintenance, which every homeowner can and should do. First, regularly check and replace your air filter to ensure maximum air flow in and out of your system as well as the most effective removal of dust and pollen. Second, clean and clear the area around your outdoor unit to make sure air flow around your unit is unencumbered. You should notice your system working significantly better.

Make Small Investments

You don’t have to completely replace your air conditioner to improve your energy consumption. In fact, a few small investments could shrink your energy bills substantially without any noticeable reduction in comfort. Programmable thermostats allow you to set when your system turns on and off each day, as well as what temperature they should be set at. Also, a duct cleaning service can ensure your ducts are free and clear from dust and other debris that can inhibit air flow. Cleaning your ducts also removes dust and other allergens from the air, which could provide you with some much-needed allergy relief.

Call a Professional

Your HVAC system is a lot like a car: both require regular maintenance in order to function properly and preserve their longevity. Just like you have to get your oil changed regularly to keep your car in good health, you need to maintain your air conditioner to prevent a major breakdown that leads to huge expenses. Before you start cranking up your air conditioner for long hours each day, call a Palm Beach County air conditioning technician for a high-quality maintenance service. This will ensure that moving parts are prepared and ready for the months of use and that your wallet won’t have to bear the brunt of a breakdown when you absolutely need your system the most.

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