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Five Ways to Beat the Heat

Summer in Florida is famous for two things: sweltering heat and intense humidity. This combination makes it difficult to find relief, especially if the air conditioner in your home gives out. If you’re looking for a way to beat the heat without staying at home, our team has a few ideas that you and your whole family will love. However, a broken air conditioner isn’t going to fix itself, and you should still contact a skilled Palm Beach County air conditioning technician to schedule a repair as soon as possible.

Here are five fun ways you can beat the heat this summer:

Visit the Pool

Like California, Florida is famous for the number of swimming pools found throughout the state. There are public pools, private pools, backyard pools, and all sorts of other types as well. Odds are you probably live within a short distance of at least one easily-accessible pool, so why not head over and take a dip? Swimming is both great exercise and a way to cool off when the heat and humidity are at their worst.

Make Ice Cream

Buying an ice cream cone is a pretty sweet treat, but making your own ice cream and putting it into a cone is an entirely new and fun way to enjoy the cool, refreshing and sweet taste of this generationally-favorite treat. Ice cream makers can be purchased online for not a lot of money, and the ingredients list for ice cream is remarkably simple. Likewise, your kids will love getting to experiment with adding different ingredients to make a brand new favorite flavor of their own.

Go to the Movies

Movie theaters were amongst the first buildings to have central air conditioning when the technology was still new, and today they uphold their reputation as some of the coolest buildings in town by staying a crisp and refreshingly cool temperature. A lot of movie theaters will run a kids summer movie club or series designed to show older-release kids movies in matinee showings at discount prices. This allows you to avoid the hottest parts of the day in cool air conditioning.

Go Out to Dinner

After a hard day’s work, going home and cooking dinner isn’t always an appealing thought. So why not take a night off and go out to dinner. Most restaurants keep the temperature at a comfortable level, and many restaurants even offer kid-friendly solutions, such as discount children’s menus and even “kids eat free” night promotions. Enjoy a dinner prepared by someone else and avoid the heat while you’re at it.

Hit the Beach

When it comes to coastline, Florida has more than any other state in the continental U.S. (only Alaska technically has more). That means odds are pretty good you live close to the beach. The cool ocean and coastal breezes make the beach a fun day out for the whole family, not to mention a great way to enjoy the summer weather instead of it ruining your day.

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