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How to Protect Your Ductwork from Animals

Winter is coming, and that means rodents and other pests will be looking for a place to stay warm and live this winter. The most convenient place? Inside your home, where your furnace will be cranked up to keep you warm. Specifically, animals love to live in your duct system, where warm air is sent all throughout your home, and where it’s easy to gain access to other parts of your home, such as your food-stocked kitchen.

Unfortunately, while the thought of a little family of mice living in your ducts might seem kind of adorable, they also can do tremendous damage to your ductwork, resulting in extremely expensive repairs and replacement services as well as costly air leaks that will drive up your monthly energy bills. So to help prevent animal intrusion from becoming an issue, here are a few tips for keeping these pets outside where they belong.

Seal Your Ducts

Pre-existing cracks or holes are open invitations for animals to try to crawl inside and make a home for themselves, in addition to costing you a ton of money in wasted energy. So the best thing you can do is simply close off these cracks and holes with a duct sealing service. Call a Palm Beach County duct cleaning professional and learn more about how the service works and what it will cost for your home!

Have Your System Maintained

What better way to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently than to have it inspected and cared for by a professional? A furnace maintenance service includes a full system inspection to spot any potential issues that may be forming or have emerged, including the possibility of any gaps or cracks in your duct system. A system inspection can also help you spot any evidence of animal presence, including animal waste or decomposing bodies that can lead to horrendous odors.

Set Traps

Finally, the best thing you can do to get rid of any animals that may have made themselves at home in your ductwork is to trap them and release them back outside. Set these traps near any points the critters may have used to get into your ductwork and wait for them to re-emerge. Animal traps are generally available for just a few dollars. Humane trap options are available as well, which do no harm to the animal but instead allow you to quickly and harmlessly release them back outside.

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