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Can I Use Vinegar to Clean My Air Conditioner?

Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

One of the best ways to keep your air conditioner running smoothly is to keep it clean. Clearing the area around both the indoor and outdoor units and freeing them from dust and grime will allow both to run more efficiently, which makes them work better and prevents future AC repairs. However, we’ve also heard about how harsh the chemicals in cleaning products can be, even so much as triggering reactions in those who have particularly sensitive allergies.

Fortunately, there’s a simple, inexpensive, and all-natural solution to keeping your air conditioner clean, and you’ve probably had it all this time and not realized it: vinegar! A mere cup of vinegar could make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your air conditioner clean while also keeping you and your family healthy and happy without any risk. Here's how to use it!

Using Vinegar to Clean Your AC Drain Pan

Your air conditioner has a metal pan installed underneath it known as the drain pan. This small device’s job is to collect dripping water formed by the condensation process and dispose of it down a drain line, carrying it away from your home and preventing possible water damage. Water dripping is a fairly normal part of air conditioner operation, so it’s important to keep your drain pan clean and free from stains that could turn into rust. A cup of vinegar is harsh enough to take care of stains, including mineral stains, but free from harsh chemicals.

How to Keep Your Drain Line Clean Using Vinegar

In addition to keeping the pan clean, you also need to keep your drain line clear from clogs that could cause it to back up. Backed up drain lines could cause flooding in the drain pan, which leads to water damage in your home and a serious issue for your air conditioner. Vinegar can take care of this problem too—use a cup of vinegar to flush out any remaining residue after using a flexible wire brush to clean out your drain pipe. This way you’ll remove most of the debris ahead of time and let the vinegar flush the remainder away.

By following these simple tips, your air conditioner will stay clean all year long, providing you with much needed cool air when the temperatures rise and the humidity sets in.

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