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Whole Home or Portable Humidifier?

Are you suffering because of dry air in your home? Believe it or not, even though Florida air is anything but dry during the summer, there are some people who still have this issue with their indoor air quality. This is a particularly common problem for those who have air conditioners with extremely effective evaporator and condensing coils which remove moisture from the air and then pump it into the room. The result is dry air that can have a surprising number of health consequences. The solution? A humidifier unit can add humidity to your air, allowing you to precisely control it so you can keep the air around you healthy but also free from the same stickiness outside that you’re trying to escape from.

When you need a humidifier, you’ll have a choice between two different types: a whole-home unit, and a portable unit. Which one you should choose will depend on your needs and your budget. Here are some pros and cons of each unit to help you choose which one you should get.

Whole Home Systems

A whole-home system works by directly controlling the humidity in your heating and air conditioning system itself, adding moisture as the air circulates. These units can be bypass, fan-powered, or steam-type humidifiers, each with their own unique advantages for costs, maintenance, and durability. The benefit to these systems is that they’ll service your entire home, so those who are particularly sensitive don’t have to worry about moving a unit from place to place.

The other nice feature is they’re an out-of-sight, out-of-mind technology—when installed in your central HVAC system, you won’t even notice they’re there, but you’ll notice they’re working by the relief you obtain. You don’t even need to refill them since they’re connected directly to your plumbing supply. However, they are the far more expensive option, and for a lot of people they may actually be unnecessary outside of the dry, cooler winter months.

Portable Systems

Portable humidifier systems are best for smaller spaces: while a whole-home humidifier can take care of your entire house, someone who rents an apartment or owns a small condo may not necessarily need the humidifying power a whole-home system can provide. They are also the much cheaper option, and are readily available at department stores, home improvement warehouses, and even online.

However, they are really only good for boosting the humidity in one particular room. This makes them really good for helping in a bedroom where someone is sick, but they don’t do much for anywhere else in the home. Likewise, because they’re portable, they are a unit that you have to resupply with water periodically and they do take up space on a table or shelf somewhere in order to operate.

For more information as to whether you should purchase a whole-home humidifier, call the Palm Beach County air conditioning experts at Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC today!