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Do I Have to Replace Both My Indoor & Outdoor Unit Together?

When your air conditioner gives out, it’s pretty rare that the issue affects both your indoor and outdoor units. That means one half of your air conditioner might still be good, so why replace it? Doesn’t it make more financial sense to get the most out of the working half before replacing that as well?

Not exactly. In fact, any Palm Beach County air conditioning professional will tell you the same thing: replacing both halves of your air conditioner is a necessary evil when one or the other gives out. While in theory you could replace only one half of it, you might actually be doing more harm to your new system, the old system, and your wallet by doing so. Here are some reasons why replacing only one half is not a good idea.

Energy Inefficiency

Energy-efficient technology has made monumental strides over the last decade. In fact, estimates say that an air conditioner manufactured as little as 20 years ago could be using nearly double the amount of electricity that a new, state-of-the-art unit uses. However, that’s only true when you have the entire system working in harmony the way it was designed to do so. If you pair a brand new outdoor unit with an old indoor unit it wasn’t designed to complement, your new outdoor unit isn’t going to work as well, will use far more energy, and even put more strain on your indoor unit.

Long-Term Savings

As mentioned above, mismatched systems are inefficient, and that puts a huge dent on your wallet. Not only will you have to pay for more repairs and maintenance because of both parts of your air conditioner not working optimally, but they’ll also burn more energy as a result. Even though you may have purchased a great new energy-efficient unit, you may not even notice a savings on your energy bill because of how much harder it has to work to keep up with the old outdated unit. Likewise, the extra strain on the old unit means you’ll probably have to replace it sooner rather than later, and that means the extra charges of another service call.

New Warranties

Purchasing a new indoor and outdoor system and having them installed by a professional will grant you a new set of warranties that will protect your system from any breakdowns that may occur within the first several years of a system’s lifespan. Often times these manufacturer’s warranties are only designed to protect the equipment when they are installed and purchased as a matching pair, so replacing both at the same time also extends this added protection to you, which in the long term could wind up saving you a bundle of money.

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