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Do Recessed Lights Reduce HVAC Efficiency?

Recessed lighting is a very popular trend in modern home design. These lights give your home a clean look while emitting lots of light by tucking the light fixtures up into the ceiling, giving it a clean, unobstructed look. As a result, many homeowners are making the switch. But is it always the right decision? Turns out, if you’re trying to save money on your HVAC system, maybe not.

The biggest issue presented by recessed lighting is the fact that you must cut a large hole in the room’s envelope in order to install it. Cutting holes leads to drafts, which allow energy to escape. Escaped energy causes temperatures to destabilize quicker and your HVAC system to have to work harder for longer to maintain your home’s comfortable temperature.

Nearly any energy auditor will tell you that these recessed lighting pots are far from air-tight, and they often allow energy transfer to go both ways: warm air seeps down from the attic during the summer, and escapes out to the attic during winter.

Fixing Heat Loss from Recessed Lighting

While there aren’t any quick and simple fixes for heat loss caused by recessed lighting, there are a few steps you can take if you’ve got some time and money on your hands. Have your lights inspected by an electrician, and they should tell you whether your fixtures are an insulation-contact (IC) or non-insulation contact (non-IC) type.

Non-IC type fixtures are so named because their electrical contacts get so hot that they cannot come in contact with insulation out of risk of starting a fire. This makes them the worst offenders for heat loss in recessed lighting. IC features generally run a much lower wattage and don’t get nearly as hot as a non-IC type fixture, and as a result they can have insulation placed behind them to further insulate against heat loss. When combined with a low-heat, energy-efficient bulb (such as an LED), you also won’t risk having the lights create a major heat source in your room.

Making your current lighting more efficient is also possible. If you want to make a better seal around your lighting, you can do so with a few hours of work and some simple caulking. However, keep in mind that the boost in your efficiency will be minimal at best if you choose this option. But if you have some additional time and money, talk to your electrician and consider switching over to a lower-energy fixture that produces less heat. Making this swap now is worth the investment in savings on your energy bills later.

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