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Can Plants Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Do you suffer from symptoms like a scratchy throat, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, or difficulty breathing while inside your own home? If so, you could be suffering from bad indoor air quality, which is relatively common in crowded, urban areas. Many people believe that a few household plants can help fix this problem, but does it really work?

Turns out, according to studies conducted by NASA, the University of Georgia, and Penn State University, they can. Plants absorb a lot of carbon dioxide, thanks to their ability to conduct photosynthesis. This process outputs oxygen, which can freshen the air in your home, in essence “cleaning” the air. However, scientists have also found that plants absorb other gasses as well, including some potentially harmful gasses like Benzene and formaldehyde.

By eliminating these gasses, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your home’s air quality, and your symptoms will also recede somewhat to provide you some much-needed relief. What plants should you get? Most leafy plants generally clean air rather well, but spider plants, Boston ferns, purple waffle plants, aloe vera, and Japanese royal ferns tend to be some of the best types of plants for the job.

Improving Your HVAC System

However, this can take some time, and the larger your home and the worse your air outside is, the more plants you will need. Furthermore, some people don’t want the added responsibility of caring for a plant, despite the usually-low maintenance requirements.

If you want to improve your indoor air quality in another way, you can take a few steps to improve your heating and air conditioning systems. The first step is to check your air filter. An old, dirty air filter can circulate a lot of dirt, dust, and pollen throughout your home, which can lower the air quality and aggravate your allergy symptoms. It also can cause your air conditioner or heater to run less efficiently, meaning your energy bills will likely be higher than they need to be. Be sure to replace your filter once per year, or more if you notice it getting dirty quickly.

Finally, a system tune-up service from a Palm Beach County HVAC service company can help you improve your indoor air quality by improving the efficiency of your heater and air conditioner. An experienced technician can identify any serious issues with your system and recommend the proper service to fix them, including issues that could be impacting your indoor air quality.

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