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The Importance of Maintaining Your Windows

If you notice that your energy bills are getting higher, even though your air conditioning or heating system is in peak condition, the problem may actually be your windows.

Energy loss from windows typically involves two sources – air leaks and heat transfer. When air leaks occur from an improperly installed window or when the protective caulk shrinks over time, they can let conditioned air out and unconditioned air in. When your window glass has no insulating properties, heat moves through easily and brings the sun’s heat inside during the summer or lets your furnace’s heat escape outside in the winter.

Ways to Reduce This Type of Energy Loss:

  • Seal air leaks. Apply caulk around your window frames. Since caulk cracks and settles over time, check your caulk every so often and reapply when necessary. You can also use weather-stripping around the window sash to form a seal when closed.
  • Apply shade outside the window. Whether it is using an awning or planting trees to provide shade, this will keep the sun off your window and reduce heat transfer from happening.
  • Use storm windows. Similar to the results from caulking and weather-stripping, storm windows stop air transfer. There are a variety of types and materials, just be sure to do the research to know which type works best for you home.
  • Upgrade your windows. More energy-efficient windows are now available to purchase. Not only can they provide savings on energy, but these windows can also increase your property value. Use the Energy Star ratings to help determine the best choice for your home.

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