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Common Misunderstandings about Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems are an integral part of homes in the United States, especially in Florida where it’s known to get very hot and humid in the summer. While we understand the importance of having an AC unit during these blazing months, there are some misconceptions about how it properly operates.

Common Misunderstandings About Central Air Conditioning Systems:

  • “An air conditioner creates cold air.” However, an air conditioner is actually a heat pump, which siphons heat from one area to another by using electricity to adequately function the components which simultaneously remove heat from indoors to outdoors and cool the inside air down.
  • “Ice on an AC system is normal.” Individuals typically misconstrue seeing ice on their unit as something that is normal. However, evidence of ice in your air conditioning system indicates an extensive problem, such as a refrigerant leak. If your evaporator coil is frozen, there is an issue with absorbing heat. It’s imperative to contact a professional immediately for repairs.
  • “Your AC unit works faster when you lower the setting of the thermostat.” It’s understandable why people believe this notion, thinking that the thermostat will do its job faster. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If you set the thermostat at a low setting, your air conditioner will run until it achieves that specific setting. Instead of your home cooling down faster, your AC will just stay on longer.
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