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When Should You Replace Your AC Unit?

There are specific telltale signs which indicate that it’s time to replace or upgrade your air conditioner. If your Palm Beach County AC unit is over 10 years old, don’t even bother attempting to schedule repairs. The world of air conditioning has evolved within recent years. Units use half of the electricity compared to older models, as well as cool homes more effectively.

Other common indications which signal AC unit replacement include:

  • Your unit needs frequent repairs – If you’re constantly having the same repair issues or replacing parts too often, you should consider replacement.
  • Your energy bill keeps increasing – In order to provide comfort to your home, your air conditioner is working extra to maintain the desired temperature, resulting in more power being generated and higher bills.
  • Some rooms aren’t receiving the same amount of air flow compared to others – First, you should check your duct work and insulation before considering replacing your unit. However, if your duct work and insulation are durable, then the fault is on your air conditioner.
  • Your cooling system is noisy – Again, check your duct work system and inspect the indoor coil of your cooling unit. While some problems can be resolved by simple repairs, some require complete replacement.

For more information or if you are unsure if replacement is required, contact our Palm Beach County AC service experts to schedule an inspection today.