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What is Ventilation?

Have you noticed temperature imbalances as you move from one room to the other, and do some spaces just smell fresher than others? Chances are, it’s not because you left some food out, or your pet left you a stinky surprise; it’s more likely that your home’s ventilation system is not operating as effectively as it could be.

Indoor air quality is a service that HVAC professionals throughout the country offer for homes, businesses, and any just about anything with an indoor space. Ventilation is the process by which indoor air quality is maintained. Through filters, ducts, and other air-cleaning tools, ventilation systems bring in fresh air and kick out old, stale air.

Ventilation Isn’t Just for Fun – It’s For Your Health!

You might be able to tolerate the odor of stale air, but it’s not the smell you should worry about. Over time, indoor air collects all kinds of allergens: mold, pollen, pet dander, smoke, even bacteria and dust from insecticides and other pollutants. Using ventilation, you can remove, recirculate, and exfiltrate bad air and replace it with oxygen-rich air that is fresh, clean, and allergen-free.

Ventilation improves indoor air quality through a variety of methods:

Ventilation Is Easy On Your Wallet

Here’s another big benefit for homeowners: effective ventilation systems can keep you from racking up a huge energy bill and cut down on your monthly expenses. Duct leakage, dirty filters, poor circulation, and other issues lead to homeowners turning on their heating and cooling systems more frequently and for longer periods of time, which results into hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket.

Keeping up on maintenance and ensuring your ventilation system is operating efficiently can prevent disastrous breakdowns and costly repairs. Having a ventilation technician check in on your HVAC systems on a regular basis may ensure that your indoor air quality stays fresh and pollutant-free, and it may also save you from unnecessary expenses caused by poor maintenance and faulty ventilation.

If you are looking for answers to ventilation and indoor air quality control in your home, contact our HVAC technicians in Palm Beach County and let us put two decades of experience to work for you!