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What is an AC Condenser Unit?

Your air conditioning system contains several indoor and outdoor components that are all connected to deliver cool air throughout your home. One of the main outdoor components you’ll encounter is the condenser unit. This device typically sits near an exterior wall of your home, sometimes on a concrete slab. While you probably walk by your condenser unit every time you do yard work or take your dog outside, do you ever consider what it actually does?

When troubleshooting air conditioning issues, a little knowledge goes a long way. Being able to identify issues connected to your condenser can help you keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently. Here’s everything you should know about your AC condenser unit.

What Does a Condenser Unit Do?

Put simply, a condenser unit is a device that condenses a gas into a liquid through cooling. Within your air conditioner, refrigerant comes into the condenser unit after leaving the compressor as a hot vapor. The condenser transforms the refrigerant from its warm gaseous state back into a cool, high-pressure liquid. The cool liquid is then sent into the evaporator, where it evaporates into a cool, low-pressure gas and is blown through a fan, into your home. This is followed by warm air that cycles back into the compressor, where the process beings all over again.

What Problems May Occur With My Condenser Unit?

Your condenser unit has a big job to, so when something goes wrong with it, it could mean trouble for your entire air conditioning system. Here are some common AC problems linked to the condenser unit:

Leaking refrigerant: Leaks can occur in the line connecting the condenser unit to the evaporator. When a refrigerant leak develops, it can compromise the efficiency of your entire air conditioner and put your equipment at risk of damage. Direct exposure to refrigerant can be harmful, so if you detect a leak, be sure to call an AC professional to take care of it.

Loud noises coming from unit: Because you condenser unit is located outside, it is exposed to more elements than the indoor components of your AC are. This means leaves, twigs and other debris can easily become lodged inside the device. If you hear a rattling sound coming from your condenser, it’s likely being caused by trapped debris. You can easily access the inside of the unit to check things out, but make sure the power supply is completely shut off first.

Dirty condenser coils: Just like your air filter, ducts and evaporator coil, your condenser coil can become dirty, compromising its performance. When a layer of dirt forms on your condenser coils, it may cause the unit to trap heat instead of releasing it. This will cause your AC to blow warm into your home.

Condenser Unit Giving You Trouble?

While some condenser related problems are an easy fix, others require the expertise of a professional HVAC technician. The Phoenix Air team will have the issue efficiently diagnosed and solved in no time.Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!