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Air Conditioning Scams You Should Look Out for This Summer

When we invite a contractor into our homes to perform a service, we expect them to be honest, charging a fair price for the work that is necessary and doing a quality job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen this way.

Since most homeowners lack an advanced knowledge of how their HVAC system works, we rely on service providers to give us their expert opinions. Some contractors take advantage of this fact by leading customers to believe they need more work than they actually do and pressuring them into expensive yet completely unnecessary purchases.

In the middle of summer, when an AC breakdown is an especially urgent matter, you may feel inclined to make a snap decision to get your unit fixed as quickly as possible. But if a contractor hits you with something unexpected, don’t let your vulnerable state get the best of your common sense. You may end up paying way more than necessary! To avoid falling for AC scams this summer, follow these tips!

1. Do Your Research

Before hiring a Palm Beach County HVAC company, you should always look online to read reviews and ratings. In your search, you may encounter someone who has previously fallen victim to the company’s distasteful tactics.

2. Watch Out For the Word “Free”

When it comes to HVAC service, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If a company offers a free tuneup or checkup, they may be using it as a way to suck you into a pricey repair that you don’t actually need. While it’s not uncommon for companies to offer promotional deals and savings, some companies will offer extremely low base prices only to pile on additional fees in the end. This happens frequently with duct cleanings. If a company is offering $50 duct cleanings (most will cost between $300 and $500), you can be almost sure they are going to trick you into paying for another service they deem necessary. And the worst part is, they probably won’t even clean your ducts!

3. Ask Questions

If a technician tells you your AC needs a repair or replacement, ask them to explain why. If it seems like they’re trying to confuse you with jargon and technical language, be weary. A good technician will be able to explain the problem in a way you understand.

4. Get a Second… and Third … and Fourth Opinion

Never agree to an expensive HVAC service without getting three to four quotes. Once you know what’s wrong with your AC, you can get quotes from several companies by simply calling.

5. Hire a NATE Certified Technician

Trustworthy companies hire highly qualified technicians. Before hiring an HVAC company, do some research to see if they require their technicians to be NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified. You’ll know a good technician from a bad one if they carefully survey your system before giving you a final estimate and can explain what they are repairing and why, in terms you understand.

Hire an HVAC Company You Can Trust!

If your AC gives out this summer, skip the guessing games and call Phoenix Air to perform an efficient, fair and reliable repair. When you hire us, you’ll never find extraneous or unexplainable charges on your bill. In problems big and small, our NATE certified technicians will walk you through the repair process, making sure you know exactly what they’re doing and why. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!