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4 Sounds You Should Never Hear Coming From Your AC

All air conditioners make noise, but there are certain noises you never want to hear coming from your AC, as they may be a sign of an underlying issue. Learn four sounds your air conditioner should never make, here:

1. Rattling

If your air conditioner is making a rattling noise, there may be a problem with the motor or blower, or in the best case scenario, it could simply be a loose screw. It’s possible that a small component of your AC system has come loose and is moving around in the condenser unit. If you think this is the issue, try turning your air conditioner off and removing the lid to the condenser unit. Check to see if anything has come loose or broken off and replace the piece if possible.

2. Buzzing

Buzzing sounds can be problematic because they’re typically indicative of an electrical problem. In most cases, a buzzing noise occurs because of an issue with the condenser fan motor or faulty wiring. Unless you’re comfortable and familiar with electrical work, it’s best to contact a professional to diagnose and assess the problems to ensure your safety.

3. Humming

A humming noise could be a small issue or a large one. While sometimes humming is just the refrigerant line doing its job, it could also be a sign that the motor is failing or unable to start. If the motor is unable to start, it is at risk of overheating and sustaining irreversible damage as a result. Repairing or replacing the capacitor, or replacing the motor if the damages are bad enough can fix this.

4. Running Water

While you may notice your AC making a soft dripping noise from time to time, if your air conditioner sounds like water is running through it, there is likely an underlying problem. It’s possible that there is a drain clog causing water to back up into the system before gushing out. Fortunately, drain clogs can be cleaned relatively easily — but make sure the problem is addressed right away to decrease the risk of a bigger problem developing.

Repairs You Can Count On

At Phoenix Air, our team of dedicated Palm Beach County HVAC professionals is committed to providing you with quality services. If your AC is making any of the noises above, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our AC repair technicians are trained and experienced with numerous makes, models and brands, so we can diagnose and assess any problem with your air conditioner.

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