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Why Is There Poor Airflow Coming from My House's Vents?

While we Floridians are lucky enough to live in year-round mild climate, we still need our homes to be a comfortable retreat from the heat. This is why it can be extremely frustrating when our air conditioning systems encounter a problem such as poor airflow from the vents. Numerous issues can cause poor airflow, but luckily, they can be easily remedied at home or with the help of a professional. If you’re experiencing a lack of airflow from the vents in your house, here’s what you should know:

What Causes Poor Airflow?

Your air conditioner is on full blast but air doesn’t seem to be flowing through the vents—what gives? This is a fairly common problem that air conditioners encounter from time to time. Poor airflow can be caused by a number of issues within your system, such as a dirty air filter, closed dampers, or blocked supply and air returners.

How to Fix It

Check the air filter – If your vents are experiencing poor airflow, check the air filter first. Air filters are responsible for filtering the icky stuff in our air—think dirt, dust, pollen and other pollutants. Over time, the air filter can become dirty and cause poor airflow alongside a slew of other issues. Check the air filter and swap out the old one for a new, clean filter—and remember to change your air filter once per month!

Check the air duct dampers – Dampers are essentially what controls the airflow to various parts of your home. In order for the cool and conditioned air to flow freely, the dampers must be open. It’s possible that the dampers may have closed and are restricting airflow to your home. If you suspect this is the culprit, contact a professional to check them out.

Unblock the supply and return registers – If there isn’t an issue with the air filter, it’s possible that your air conditioner is experiencing loss of airflow because the supply and return registers are blocked. If you suspect this is the issue, check all of the registers and make sure they aren’t closed, blocked or dirty.

Call the Professionals at Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC

There are lots of things that can impede airflow, but Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC is here to help! We offer a variety of quality products and services so we can quickly and efficiently diagnose and assess any issue with your Palm Beach County air conditioning system. To learn more about all of the great services we offer, visit our services page, or contact us today to schedule an appointment.