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What Is a Split-System Air Conditioner?

Floridians understand the importance of a well-functioning air conditioning system. But, with all of the different kinds of air conditioning systems on the market, how do you choose the one that is best for you and your home? While window units and central AC tend to be the most gabbed about choices, there are other options to consider. A split-system air conditioner is one of them.

How Does a Split-System Work?

A split-system air conditioner is comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit that work together to cool your home. The systems contain a compressor, fan, condenser and evaporator coil as well as refrigerant. The indoor component is a furnace, while the outdoor unit is an air conditioner that circulates cooled, conditioned air. Ultimately, the indoor and outdoor units join forces to produce efficient temperature control.

What are the Benefits?

If you are considering purchasing a new air conditioning system, then a split-system AC may be a great option for you. Split-system air conditioners tout numerous benefits, but here are just a few:

Easy InstallationInstalling a split-system air conditioner is easy breezy since there is no elaborate ductwork to set up.

Low Maintenance – Split-system air conditioners are low maintenance and only require routine cleaning periodically.

Economical – Split-system ACs are an economical option for any home and can cut down on energy usage and, in return, your bills.

Quietness – Unlike window units that tend to be noisy, split-system air conditioners house the noisiest component outside of your home.

Aesthetics – Split-system air conditioners are sleek and stylish and don’t look obtrusive in your home like other AC options can.

Call the Professionals at Phoenix Air

There are many advantages to split-system air conditioners, so they are a great option worth considering if you’re looking to purchase a new AC. At Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC, the comfort of your home is our biggest priority, so we can work with you to determine the best heating and cooling option for you and you home.

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