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What does IAQ stand For?

IAQ is an acronym for indoor air quality. It refers to the quality of air inside a home, commercial space or building. The better the air quality, the better the health and comfort of the people inside will be. Indoor air quality is an indicator of what’s going on in a home or space. It answers how well the air conditioning system works, the level of humidity inside that space and whether or not there are pollutants inside.

Does Your AC Improve Your Comfort?

A functioning AC system has a big role in the upkeep of a space when it comes to its IAQ. If the AC is used often enough, the humidity level should be somewhere between 30-50 percent. There should not be the smell of mold or mildew anywhere. People occupying the space should not be displaying symptoms as a result of being inside. A poorly functioning AC system will contribute to the problems associated with poor indoor air quality.

Is There too Much Moisture in the Air?

Indoor spaces with high humidity levels have much thicker air, especially in small spaces. The high humidity will cause the space to sweat as a result. Moisture will develop on the windows and it will slowly pour through walls. Any paint job done will begin to peel and different parts of the home will rot. An environment like this will attract insects that cause further damage. This normally happens in poorly kept buildings. In the average home, this can happen to one’s basement, garage or attic if they don’t pay close attention.

Invisible Pollutants

Just because a space looks clean doesn’t mean the air is. A space with too much moisture in the air is also susceptible to mold or mildew and other biological pollutants. This will be indicated by the smell. In this type of environment, mold will thrive in visible, but hidden spaces, the corner of a room behind a table, underneath a coffee table and on the bottom part of just about anything made out of wood.

An AC and Dehumidifier Are a Must in Florida

A functioning AC system and a dehumidifier will help manage the humidity in your home, improving the indoor air quality. If you already have an AC system, consider getting it checked. The technicians at Phoenix Air will answer any of your questions and concerns about the upkeep of the quality of air and will assist with any needed adjustments, from performing maintenance checks on your Palm Beach County AC system to installing a new one. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.