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What Does HVAC Stand For?

Your home’s comfort is made possible by many different appliances, but none of them are as important as the HVAC. While your AC is the one keeping you comfortable, it is actually a group effort of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that do the trick. All of these parts work together to keep your home a nice and cozy place all year. As a homeowner, it’s important that you have an understanding of what exactly an HVAC is, and what each part does.


Every HVAC includes a heating component. Whether that is a boiler, furnace or heat pump, there is something to generate heat and keep you warm. In Florida, most of us don’t rely on our heating too much because we are lucky enough to stay warm all year round. We don’t need a heavy-duty furnace or boiler like they do up north to keep warm. Most of us have a simple heat pump for those few chilly days.

Heat pumps work by pulling heat out of the air and moving it inside to keep you warm. However, contrary to its name, the heat pump can also be used for cooling. They are able to reverse their process, pull the heat out of your home and pump it outside. In addition to this, heat pumps also help reduce and control humidity in your house.


There is nothing more important in Florida than a properly working AC! The air conditioner keeps your home cool in addition to removing the humidity that makes you feel hot. It cools your home by pulling in air from outside your house and using the refrigeration cycle to chill the air.


The ventilation part of your HVAC is arguably the most important aspect of your system. Proper ventilation allows air to travel to and from your outside condenser unit and into your home. Ventilation is also vital to your family’s health. It filters out all of the harmful outdoor pollutants that can make us sick.

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