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My AC Is Leaking Water, What Should I Do?

Water coming out of your air conditioner isn’t normal and should never be ignored. Dripping water does not only signify a problem with your air conditioner, it is also a hazard to your entire home. Water may cause structural damage to your house and cause mold or other harmful bacteria to grow. If you’re experiencing water coming from your AC, it may be one of these problems.

Clogged Drain Line

Your system naturally makes condensation while cooling your home. This condensation is collected in a drip pan and taken out of your house through a drainline. Occasionally, this line can get clogged from dirt, algae or other debris. In this case, the drip pan overflows and water comes through the vents.

Broken Pump

One of the most common causes of water coming out of your AC is a broken condenser pump. Your air conditioner needs to pump out all of the condensation it creates. When the pump is broken, it is unable to do this and the drip pan starts to overflow. If you believe this is the case, it’s a good idea to have a professional take a look at your system.

Improper Installation

The day your AC is installed in the most important day in your system’s life. If the installation is not done properly, you can face all kinds of problems down the road. One of those problems is water leaks. If your AC is not level, water can start to pool, and eventually leak. This is a very serious problem with your system, and will require an expert technician to resolve it.

Frozen Coils

Either due to low refrigerant levels or poor airflow, your coils can become frozen. After your home is cooled and your system automatically shuts off, this ice starts to melt. Before you know it, you have a large amount of water leaking from your system. While fixing an airflow problems may be as simple as changing the filter, you will need a professional to replenish your refrigerant levels.

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