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How Landscaping Can Keep Your Home Cool

As a homeowner, you are always looking for ways to keep your home comfortable, beautiful and save money. Well, with strategic landscaping, you can get all three!

Not only will landscaping add beauty and value to your home, it can actually keep you cool as well. So get out those old gardening gloves, and learn why every homeowner should be using landscaping to improve their comfort.

How Landscaping Keeps You Cool

It’s really simple! When you have lots of trees and bushes around your home, you have lots of shade. When you have lots of shade, less sun can get to your house. When less sun gets to your house, you stay cool and use less energy!

In fact, the United States Department of Energy claims that shade is the most cost-effective way to cut air conditioning costs in the home. They even state that well planned landscaping can reduce air conditioning usage by 50 percent. In fact, neighborhoods with trees can be up to six degrees Fahrenheit cooler than neighborhoods without. This can equal huge savings, especially for Floridians in the summer.

Tips for Landscaping in Florida

Florida landscaping is a little different than in other parts of the country. It can be harder to grow lush, leafy trees that offer the most shade. And while cooling down under a palm tree may be great at the beach, they don’t do the best job at blocking out the amount of sun your home needs to stay cool.

That’s why we’ve put a list of tips together for homeowners looking to lower their home’s temperatures with landscaping. Just follow these tips, and your home will be comfortable all summer long.

– Place plants on the west side of your home as this is the side that gets the most sun.

– Stay away from only using palm trees. While they may be beautiful, they don’t offer as much shade. Use trees native to Florida such as Gumbo Limbo tree.

– Avoid adding landscaping around your house that requires lots of watering. The moisture from these beds can rise and add humidity to your home.

– Don’t plant anything that may block summer breezes.

These tips should help get started with your landscaping, so you can be on your way to a cooler, energy efficient home.

Get Total Home Comfort

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