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Should Floridians Hurricane Proof Their Air Conditioners?

Living in Florida gives us the privilege to say that we live where others vacation, but we also deal with our fair share of inclement weather, like tropical storms and hurricanes.

Depending on the strength of the storm, we have to take precautions to protect our families and our homes. Having a hurricane kit ready is important, but what many homeowners forget to consider when preparing for a hurricane is to protect their air conditioners. We’ll tell you how and why you should, here.

How to Hurricane Proof an AC

We board our windows, bring in plants and patio furniture, and even stock up on non-perishables and flashlights, but how do we take care of the AC unit that sits outside in the middle of the storm? Even though strong hurricanes can cause power outage, we have to protect our air conditioners for the calm after the storm, which is when we will need them the most. Here are four easy ways to hurricane proof your air conditioning system:

1. Turn off your air conditioner. Even though we dread the humidity and heat that come from being without air conditioning, we must consider the dangers of having it running during a power surge.

2. Seal duct openings. Make sure to seal any unit or duct openings, especially if these exhaust through a window.

3. Cover your system. Cover your AC unit with a tarp to protect it from debris that could be lifted and thrown around due to the high-speed winds. This could include small tree branches, dirt, pebbles and even small objects that may be projected during the storm.

4. Secure your system. If the strength of the hurricane is severe, prepare beforehand by securing your unit down with straps to avoid it from dislodging in the midst of strong winds. Moving your AC after the storm has passed could not only injure you, but it could also damage your unit if not done properly.

Ask the Experts at Phoenix Air Conditioning

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